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Nicely Turned Out EG

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Very clean, yet tastefully understated, no jumping on any trend band wagon here, just good old fashioned making the most of your car while keeping it firmly within it’s roots. Love it

Euro Flavor Fit

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I think the color helps this Fit pull off the staggered deep Borbet Type A wheels especially well, Fits in general I think are well suited to many different styles like VIP, euro, JDM, etc

The Intimidation Factor

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When Life Hands You Lemons

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Make a 250hp all wheel drive EG! I’ll let the pix do the talking, incredible fabrication, sleeper status, this hits right at the heart of traditional hot rodding.

GoodGuys Invade Orange County

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While the import guys were having thier fun at Eibach, GoodGuys were doing thier thing in the OC, everything from gassers to kustoms, rats to pro tourers

Eibach 2010 : My Favs

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Now that I’ve had time to take in all the coverage I gotta hand out my awards, which, are meaningless since I’m nobody lol

Best in Show

Top EK

too close to call, it’s a tie

Top EG

no question here, hands down

The Single Cam Pride Award

The Demon Camber Award

once again we have a tie

Best Wheels

awesome rebarelled BBR Comps

The Keepin it Fresh Award

goes to this EF for thinking outside the box, unique, one off, and well executed

Best Radiator Stay Award

had to make up a category for this one

Honorable Mention

all phenomenal builds that deserve huge respect

That Other VW Hatch

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One bad ass Brasilia

Random Thought

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If just one BP oil rig is sitting on enough oil to fill the Gulf of Mexico in a week why is gas $3.00 per gallon?

I Hate Politicians

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and cops, and pretty much all authority figures. Look around, the country is a shit hole, but today today I’m going to have to give Congress a little credit. Originally brought to the table by SEMA, Senate Resolution 513 hereby recognizes July 9, 2010 as “Collector Car Appreciation Day”. Good news for us cars guys, but still, don’t they have more important things going on right now? Anyway, the resolution recognizes that “the collection and restoration of historic and classic cars is an important part of preserving the technological achievements and cultural heritage of the United States.” and “encourages the Department of Education, the Department of Transportation and other federal agencies to work to support events and commemorations of ‘Collector Car Appreciation Day,’ including exhibitions and educational and cultural activities for young people.”

What may be even more interesting is that while reading about this resolution I learned about The Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus, a coalition of lawmakers who support the specialty-equipment aftermarket and recognize the industry’s positive impact on the economy. 100 Senators and House Representatives, republican and democrat alike, are members. Hmm…why am I still being profiled and pulled over just to get fucked with for having a carbon hood or an exhaust ticket for a 50 state certified system? Anyway, if you’re interested a complete list of it’s members can be found HERE

Just don’t give them too much credit, underneath it all they’re still just a bunch of liars, thieves, and hypocrites, some just happen to dig cars.

The Good, The Bad, and Life in General

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Crazy times these days man. Let’s start with the good. I finally found a solid job I’ll be starting in one week. Same thing I’m doing now, the atmosphere seems pretty relaxed and for the first time I’ll have health benefits. No more working for a spoiled little backstabbing brat (looking at YOU Patrick, you fucktard little douchebag bitch I know you keep tabs on me here). For a going away present my friends at work treated me to a surprise weekend getaway at a cabin down in Hocking Hills, how cool are they? Friends like that are priceless and make life worth living. Sitting in a hot tub in the middle of nowhere was just what the doctor ordered.

In more good news Aaron was nice enough to get in touch with me and send along some latest pix of his chopped xB that has been racking up the trophies in the In Progress categories. I always love hearing from folks I’ve met through the blog and seeing the amazing things they come up with.

Epic box Aaron!

But, as is so often is the case in life, it ain’t all good. Most people would probably be excited about a new job, but truth is I’m a nervous wreck, I was at my previous job 15 years, it was my life, I’m leaving more than a job, I’m leaving my family, a life style, and those great friends I spoke of earlier. It will always break my heart the way it all went to hell these past 6 months. And being the new guy at my next job, I’ve got my dues to pay, starting with the shifts nobody else wants, etc.

Aaron had some bad news too, after all the work that went into his chopped xB it took a pretty good hit on his way home one night.

Now THAT is a kick in the nuts, I can’t imagine what Aaron is feeling, hell I’m on the verge of tears. But he is one hell of a fabricator, if anyone can come back stronger than ever it’s Aaron, but it still has to be one powerful blow to the morale.

And in even more bad news, for the second month in a row we’ve lost a metal god, Ronnie James Dio passed away due to complications from stomach cancer, he was 67. I only had a chance to meet him briefly one time, but he was the nicest, most approachable and polite musician I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to.