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February xB Special

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EDIT UPDATE FEB 5: Paypal has frozen my account because a raffle is considered “illegal gambling”, as of right now please DO NOT send money as it will violate an affadavit I had to e-sign. I know, it’s bull shit, I’m working on other solutions and will update when I come up with something.

EDIT UPDATE FEB 7: I spoke to nice phone rep at Paypal named Molly who was very sympathetic to the situation. THERE ARE NO MORE RAFFLES. But I am still allowed to sell the xB and bB stickers. 100% of the money from the stickers, not just the profits, go to helping with Melissa’s medical bills. As a special Thank You for buying a sticker or two and helping out, each month I will randomly select one person who purchased a sticker to receive a free gift for thier support. For February it’s a set of Scion Pro stainless window moldings for 1st gen xBs. Here’s how you can help out and order;
1. Log into Paypal and select “send money”
2. Send payment to
3. Send $5 for 1 sticker or $9 for 2 stickers, that includes free shipping anywhere.
4. In the “notes” section of your payment please indicate if you’d like the xB or bB sticker, or one of each, whatever the case may be
5. Hold your head high knowing you helped someone get the medical attention they desperately need, 100% of it goes to paying for Melissa’s treatment

Now dig on Dennis’ box rocking the sticker

Don’t forget we have plenty of Honda stickers still available as well


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This one belongs to Cliff, and I really can’t say enough about what a remarkable guy he is. Besides being a life long car guy, having owned 60 vehicles in the last 20 years he has been a true blessing to The Melissa Project, donating $5 from each sale of his wheel spacers and camber shims (well deserved plug, hit him up!) and donating last month’s raffle prize, Cliff has been down since day one. Cliff’s dad is an old school hot rodder and was Cliff’s first introduction to hot rods, kustoms, and rat rods but oddly enough Cliff’s dad was the first in the family to buy an xB, and that’s when the xB bug bit Cliff hard. He bought one for himself and started out the way most of us do, bolt ons, lowering, wheels, clean aero and he turned out a great car.

But he still wasn’t happy, he wanted to go all in and, drawing inspiration from his hot rod and rat rod roots, make it truly his car. First up was a coat of blue

topped with a coat of chalk board paint

then the top coat was sanded through to reveal blue and white flames and patina giving it a great three dimensional, textural quality that just adding more paint on top would not achieve

his latest touch is a checker board panel to pay tribute to the original european rat rodders who brought the whole rat look style to newer cars and cemented it’s place in the community

Cliff would like to thank GothBox, Black Box, and ShortBus8 for the inspiration for his build, out of all those 60 cars this is the one he says he’ll be keeping in his stable for a very long time. I’d like to thank Cliff for being an inspiration to us all.

Aaron’s Black Box

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It’s really starting to come together and is drivable now, for a car to ooze this much attitude before it’s even close to being completed is nothing short of epic. As far as I know this is the only chopped xB around and it’s cars like this that keep me excited about the whole car game, the blending of traditional hot rodding and kustomizing with newer cars, blurring the lines betweeen street rod and tuner. An amazing amount of skill and fabrication goes into something like this, even though it may seem as easy as cutting a couple inches out of the pillars, even on a car as upright and boxy as an xB it takes a huge amount of work and artistry to section and reform the roof contours. Not to mention the commitment and balls to just saw the whole roof off your car! That great hood ornament sells the whole theme so perfectly and the dual round headlights do such a good job of giving it an overall more retro feel, thanks for letting me share this one Aaron!

Black Box Update

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Aaron was cool enough to send along some updated pix of the progress on his chop top xB, and it is really coming together! The visor and 50’s hood ornament really sell it, if I had to guess I’d say it’s off an Olds or a Buick. Where there’s a will….there’s a way to make the most evil Box on the planet!

xB from AL

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Such a great theme going on here, some shakotan style, Hakosuka inspired livery, Equip 02s, drool worthy. From Al’s blog

Rockin that Heart part deux

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Thank you Squirtis! I can’t even tell you how humbling it is when I see one of the hearts in the wild. I couldn’t have even dreamed a community as amazing as Club xB existed. For past gelleries of xBs wearing Melissa’s heart hit up the following links

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Gallery 4

Rockin that Heart

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Thanks Kiko, fantastic photo!



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I keep a folder on my desktop of all the stuff I run across that could be a potential blog post. I’ve had a certain black xB in there for a little while now, just waiting for me to find the right way to show it off, well this time the right way found me. Punkhop83 left a comment about this EG I posted, turns out it belonged to a good friend of his,  along with the comment was a link to his Flickr and it turns out he owns the black xB and there was a bunch of awesome pix of it in there! Small world or what? I love the stance, the rear window and the wheel graphics.

Von Dutch + Rat Fink =

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A fist full of win that’s what

Zach Wants More

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Zach asked to see more of the “Mad Max” xB in my Hoods in the Hood post, and as you know customer service is job #1 here at Hatch Life. It’s actually owned by Black_Box and is currently undergoing a….wait for it….full chop top!

and getting chopped

and if you dig Black_Box maybe this one from shortbus 8 will interest you

and this one from GothBox