When Life Hands You Lemons

Make a 250hp all wheel drive EG! I’ll let the pix do the talking, incredible fabrication, sleeper status, this hits right at the heart of traditional hot rodding.

14 Responses to “When Life Hands You Lemons”

  1. ???????? !!


    This a eg + inpu the reality?

  2. scottyM Says:

    maddd… i wanna see videos!!

    buttt.. it is stupidly high! needs to be lowered a lot

  3. Oh。。。。

    Civic WRX?

    Impreza SiR?

  4. good sh*t, saw this on build-threads too

  5. eddymaxx Says:

    its not really a civic, its like taking a cherry and putting a banana peel over it and calling it a banana.

    Sleeper yes, Honda, no.

  6. that is trippy as… its a honda vti\wrx

  7. wow thats is the sickest sleaper i have ever seen the scoop may draw confusion but that top mount intercooler needs it nice car man

  8. this thing is so nasty! yens should get a sti and a eg coupe! but i bet that hatch is nasty. i’d talk shit on subys all day if it was mine lol.

  9. T00 SiKK!! L0VE iiT!

  10. Its a Honaru! Niiiiice job! This took a lot of effort, ingenuity and patience. Congrats. This thing is off the hook!

  11. DCM-Legacy Says:

    ive had a dream for a while of building a EK hatch and doing a STI swap on and building it to basicly be a GDB hatch ( not wagon). STi front end, WRX wagon tail lights , blister fenders and all

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