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Five Axis xB at SEMA

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Five Axis has always impressed me with their craftsmanship and skill but not necessarily their style, until now! Red Sub WHAT!? Someone’s been paying attention to what James has been up to. I really like how the one off wheels capture the right look without being a direct copy of any one old school JDM wheel.



Bosozuko James Takes it to the Next Level

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In case you’re not familiar with James’ Yellow Sub you can check out my original post about it right here. I wouldn’t want you to get it confused with any other Xbs out there running 15Ă—13 -119 Ronals and sky high takeyari exhaust pipes. James was cool enough to forward me some info on his latest bosozuko mod, a full on shark nose! Oh how I dream of owning a shark nosed, slammed and flared car someday. I really admire James’ commitment to going all out in his quest to build a true bosozuko car in the US, especially with the set back of encountering some road debris where the Sub suffered some fairly major body damage. And he’s not done by a long shot, the next phase will blow your mind! Thanks James, The Yellow Sub is a permanent VIP here at Hatch Life!






How Much Do I Love This?

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Wide Load

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When you own a Civic shopping for tires is a breeze, you call up Tire Rack and ask what 195/50/15s are on sale. When you’re building a monster like the Yellow Sub, it can get a little tricky. Hatch Life friend and supporter and all around international trend setter James had to go with Hoosier slicks to find something to fit his other worldly 15×13 -109 Ronals. They set the Yellow Sub down a little more in the rear and probably do a good job of keeping his driveway gravel free, but he’s not done yet, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.




American ‘zoku

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It’s no secret I love the the whole bosozuko/shakotan/yankee thing, and it’s been really cool seeing it gain some ground in the US over the past 2 years or so. People have kind of known about it, but it took Arthur Fong’s over the top super high quality build to really cement boso’s legitimacy in the US.


And that might be the problem, with a high profile build comes the imitators. It makes me so happy to see someone like Yellow Sub step up and do his thing, but I dread the day coming when boso goes mainstream in the US, if there’s one thing americans are good at is fucking things up and half assing shit. I just want to see it stay pure and somewhat underground, I don’t want to ever see things like this Failstang become common, people just blindly following styling cues when they have no idea about it’s roots, it just starts to lose all meaning and look ridiculous. Keep it real, but keep it on the d/l, if everyone understood it and started doing it, it wouldn’t be cool.


Yellow Sub

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Thanks to Dave and xBtony for hitting me with updates on this one. I posted this box a while back when it just had the pipes and I mentioned I hoped it was the start of something big and the owner has NOT disappointed! Rears are an absolutely mind blowing 15×13 -119. Yea, let that sink in a minute. I love it because there’s no going back, you can’t just unbolt a few things and have this one back to stock in a weekend. He’s all in and not done yet, this one’s going to be crazy, and I love crazy! It clocks in at 84 inches wide, for reference a Hummer H1 is only 2 inches wider. Shouts to the gang at clubxB for keeping the fun in the car game.












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Saw this Suzuki Alto on 7Tune and my heart melted, oh how I would love to give this a home.




Interior is stripped but I love how the exterior stripe is carried over



but no love for the bay


for a little comparison here’s a stock Alto


and for a size comparison here’s another modified one parked next to a more everyday car


the kicker is it’s on Yahoo Japan Auctions with a buy it now of roughly $2k…ugh

A Little Ain’t Enough

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Sorta Bosozuko styled Xb spotted at Power Scion meet. Here’s the thing, there’s no such thing as “a little Bosozuko” or “mildly Bosozuko”. If you’re going Boso, then you gotta go all in, 100% commitment. It’s all about crazy insane over the top, not a little hint, a light sprinkle of Boso flavor. I really hope this is just the beginning stage of a full on build and not the finished product. A for effort on the exhaust tho.


Vintage American Bosozuko

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Is It Just Ohio?

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Or does the craziest shit imaginable show up on Craisglist in your area too? Last week it was this painfully unique little project, not sure if homeboy was really bored or attempting to build his own Smart out of what ever he had laying around. OK, I admit it, it would be kind of hilarious to own if you had the money to piss away.


This week it’s this Ford Aspire with AutoZone flames and ….wait for it…. dual exhaust sticking a good 5 feet straight up in the air. Now before you call me a hypocrite, I guaranfuckintee this guy has never in his life heard the term “Bosozuko”. It is however a perfect example of no matter how much I love Boso style I never want it to become trendy in the US, we would only find a way to ruin it.