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I Hate Politicians

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and cops, and pretty much all authority figures. Look around, the country is a shit hole, but today today I’m going to have to give Congress a little credit. Originally brought to the table by SEMA, Senate Resolution 513 hereby recognizes July 9, 2010 as “Collector Car Appreciation Day”. Good news for us cars guys, but still, don’t they have more important things going on right now? Anyway, the resolution recognizes that “the collection and restoration of historic and classic cars is an important part of preserving the technological achievements and cultural heritage of the United States.” and “encourages the Department of Education, the Department of Transportation and other federal agencies to work to support events and commemorations of ‘Collector Car Appreciation Day,’ including exhibitions and educational and cultural activities for young people.”

What may be even more interesting is that while reading about this resolution I learned about The Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus, a coalition of lawmakers who support the specialty-equipment aftermarket and recognize the industry’s positive impact on the economy. 100 Senators and House Representatives, republican and democrat alike, are members. Hmm…why am I still being profiled and pulled over just to get fucked with for having a carbon hood or an exhaust ticket for a 50 state certified system? Anyway, if you’re interested a complete list of it’s members can be found HERE

Just don’t give them too much credit, underneath it all they’re still just a bunch of liars, thieves, and hypocrites, some just happen to dig cars.

Devil Wing

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Aero break through or glorified JDM bug deflector?


The italians tried it in the 80s, although it’s said this was more about getting around US minimum bumper height requirements than aerodynamics.


A Closer Look

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at Bob Boileau’s ass kicking 1974 Civic 1200. Six SCCA national championships and clocked at 146.69 MPH on just 1200 CCs. This is another one of those cars that should never be restored.











Ruckus Display @ SEMA

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Bowls LA making a Ruckus at SEMA. See what I did there.









The Wheels of SEMA

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Some pretty gaudy ones and some pretty neat ones, I am head over heels for the mag blue Enkei RPF1s!

sema wheels 21sema wheels 23sema wheels 26

sema wheels 27sema wheels 20sema wheels 13

sema wheels 12sema wheels 09sema wheels 10

sema wheels 07sema wheels 05sema wheels 06

sema wheels 03sema wheels 04sema wheels 22

sema wheels 00sema wheels 01sema wheels 02sema wheels 08

sema wheels 11sema wheels 14sema wheels 15sema wheels 16

sema wheels 17sema wheels 19sema wheels 24sema wheels 25

sema wheels 28sema wheels 29

Crazy Super Mega SEMA 2009 Coverage

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All pix courtesy of teal_dx from Ohio Hondas, complete lack of 2010 Camaros and anorexic models courtesy of me lol!

SEMA 2009 36SEMA 2009 39SEMA 2009 40SEMA 2009 38SEMA 2009 37SEMA 2009 17SEMA 2009 53DSC_5300SEMA 2009 20SEMA 2009 19SEMA 2009 15SEMA 2009 56SEMA 2009 00SEMA 2009 25SEMA 2009 01SEMA 2009 26SEMA 2009 28SEMA 2009 27SEMA 2009 22SEMA 2009 50SEMA 2009 42SEMA 2009 02SEMA 2009 55SEMA 2009 52SEMA 2009 29SEMA 2009 59SEMA 2009 60SEMA 2009 58SEMA 2009 51SEMA 2009 54SEMA 2009 57SEMA 2009 33SEMA 2009 21SEMA 2009 06SEMA 2009 41SEMA 2009 31SEMA 2009 03SEMA 2009 09SEMA 2009 07SEMA 2009 04SEMA 2009 14SEMA 2009 13SEMA 2009 11SEMA 2009 49SEMA 2009 48SEMA 2009 46SEMA 2009 43SEMA 2009 44

Five Axis xB at SEMA

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Five Axis has always impressed me with their craftsmanship and skill but not necessarily their style, until now! Red Sub WHAT!? Someone’s been paying attention to what James has been up to. I really like how the one off wheels capture the right look without being a direct copy of any one old school JDM wheel.



Stick these on your hatch

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Kumho dropped these new Ecsta SPTs at SEMA in a mind bending 385/15/22, I’m pretty sure they’re the first tires ever done in a 15 profile, fuckin steam rollers.



Another SEMA EK

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I’m not wild about the wheels or stickers but damn she’s clean. Turbo K power!




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I was looking at some SEMA pix today taken by Donut and saw an EK in the mix. Granted it’s not the greatest EK out there but it’s nice to know that a 10 year old econobox still has it’s place among the SEMA exotics, muscle cars, and concepts.