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There’s a girl near and dear to my heart named Melissa. She’s one of those rare people who feels the injustices of the world to her core and fights everyday to right them. She lights up any room she’s in, she’s smart, funny, tenacious, and has the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen. Last month she was diagnosed with cancer in one of her lower vertebrae, the tumor is pushing on her spinal column and generally making her life miserable. When her insurance company got wind of her diagnosis they straight dumped her and she is now uninsurable because it is a pre-existing condition. She is a single mother of two grade school aged kids and has no family to lean on. As you can imagine her medical bills are quickly becoming outrageous. To help her from now on I will be selling some stickers I came up with here on Hatch Life. I’ve already done an initial run of 50, they were professionally printed by Next Day Signs here in Columbus on 3mil outdoor calendared vinyl and are 4 inches by 4 inches. They will be $5 each shipped or 2 for $9 shipped in the US. 100% of the money -NOT JUST THE PROFITS- will go to Melissa’s medical bills, the production and mailing cost are out of my pocket.
For right now there are three designs to choose from as shown below, they are red and diecut so what is black in the sample images will be red and where there is white there will be no material when applied. If this takes off I’ll be adding more chassis and engine codes and other colors.


honda civic heart stickers

They are of course inspired by the classic Hakosuka Heart Skyline stickers.



I threw one on the red car so you can get a feel for them.

honda civic heart stickers 2

honda civic heart stickers 3

I’ve checked around at the usual shocker sticker places and as far as I can tell no one else offers anything quite like these and I pray to God no one knocks them off, I’m not promoting my lame blog or trying to cash in on some “JDM” trend, I’m trying to help give someone the miracle she needs and deserves. Part of me thinks this won’t make a dent, but all of me thinks I can not just do nothing. Any word of mouth advertising you can help me out with would be appreciated more than you know. If you are interested in helping a good cause or just want a new sticker to rock send all inquiries to the address below, Paypal, money orders, and checks are all good. Thank you

43 Responses to “Make a Difference”

  1. Ill get this started! im in for two!

  2. even though i’m driving a subaru right now i know i’ll end up back in a honda. I can only afford to spend 33 cents or i won’t make rent. next paycheck i’ll nab a couple.

  3. A minumim run I think is 25 so a batch of Scooby ones is not out the question, we’ll see how this goes.

  4. slideasylum Says:

    Hey, im willing to help, print me some Hatch Life stickers and we’re gold.

    Email me

  5. That’s me BTW ^

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  7. check paypal sir

  8. hey if you can make a GD3 one, id take it in a heartbeat.
    but id be down to get “H” ones!
    it they came in other colors like teal, id buy more.

  9. one more day then i gotta budget it out and i can grab a couple

  10. Don’t sweat it Regal, I know money is tight, you gotta look after #1 first and foremost!

  11. HUGE THANKS to Yoshitomo san from Westhill Mtorosports for his generous order! A great honor!

  12. Great cause dude..they look good too.

  13. I don’t have a Honda but will purchase some next time I can put money in my PayPal… best wishes for your friend!

  14. Man if you had some more generic ones for everybody instead of just Honda’s I’d be down. Might still order one though to help out.

  15. brian bullock Says:

    i want to come pick some stickers up and see this red car. i will email you shortly.

  16. Hey guys, if you’re on twitter, retweet:

    Make a difference in someone’s life – EG, EK, #Honda stickers! #civic #acura #integra #racing #dragracing #jdm #cancer

  17. id like to buy a honda H heart sticker. Ill be posting a thread on to help with this.

    i found this on a site i go on alot,

  18. right finally got my cash stuff together. put me down for two H’s.

  19. put me down for 2 h’s , im in a ef crew and we’re over 50 plus members u should make those for those rocking the ef’s

  20. jus a heads up..

    do you have written permission from honda to use there trade marked H symbol ?

    if not thats copyright infringement…. fyi HONDA has some bad ass lawyers..

  21. ssshhh…that’s our little secret

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  24. […] little disappointed by that last one. I had a big sign on my window about the Melissa Project along with the stickers but only sold 1. Thank you dude whoever you were! It’s all good, […]

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  26. […] amazing generosity of the Scion community we blew right past the $400 mark in total donations to The Melissa Project! It may just be a $5 sticker, but to Melissa it’s everything. Thanks to you she is now able […]


    I would love to purchase a few… but i cant seem to find where or please reply to me @ the email provided… ( i would love to help & I love the sticker. I will also spread the word… by the way… best wishes to your friend ❤ Thank you!!! Brenda

  28. hey yo! i put the heart sticker on my accord wagon. it looks sweet. hit me up and ill send u pics. PEACE

  29. […] This is a design I did probably a year ago, need opinions, would it make a worth while sticker for The Melissa Project? Yea, it’s a real low res version to try to keep it from getting knocked […]

  30. Will Take 2 plz.

    Shoot me an email and I’ll send paypal your way. Gotta support the cause!
    btw ship to Canada okay?

  31. do you still have these for sale?

  32. […] the title of his blog. He’s also a dedicated guy, raising money for a friend in need by selling stickers. He also keeps linking to me so it’s only fair that I return the […]

  33. […] 1st gen I’ve featured here a few times before we’ll be doing a February raffle for The Melissa Project. Besides putting together one of the top xBs in the country Dennis has been a generous supporter of […]

  34. Hey, great cause. I had a friend leave this world due to cancer a year ago. Are you still selling stickers? Would love a BB Heart.

  35. hey there is a cure for cancer called nanodiamond

    invented by a guy from bulgaria

    its only approved in russia

    fly her to russia and get her treated!!

    treatment is $100

    look into it for real!

  36. Indeed, there is a high-quality content, I congratulate you.

  37. I’m down for 3!!!! Email me with how to order I’ll get all of my friends on these to help out

  38. Still selling?

  39. […] you guys know me and the work we’ve done in the past, I’m a straight shooter. Well, if I get enough votes to win some cash it will go straight to […]

  40. Hey i would be interested in purchasing a few, email me

  41. Hey, I’m intersted in buying 2 “H” stickers. Shoot me an email

  42. Im interested in the “H” sticker if u could email me that would be great

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