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I think about Miatas a lot, I’ll probably never get one eventhough I’ve built quite a few in my head. But none of my imaginary Miatas have been as kick ass as this one, everything about it is just so right, I love it.

Spicy EGs

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Clean little hatchy that makes me smile, looks like some really nice paint and body work might have gone into this car


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It takes something really special to make 17s look good on a hatch, most people automatically write them off completely no exceptions, but this one is really doing it for me. Love it.

Ripe Tomato

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This is what my red car should look like. My red car looks nothing like this.







Advan Equipped Jordan

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I love Super Advans, and I love Jordans so…well you see where this is going. Actually, I’m not crazy about the Jordan interiors but it’s not a deal breaker, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen solid black Advans before so I’m really digging it. Reminds me I’d really like to invest in a Top Fuel bar some day, add it to the wish list.





BTW: I’m making a very special post tomorrow evening, it’s not the usual car porn you come here looking for but I’d appreciate it if you stop by to check it out. Peace

Wheel Whore Porn

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wheel whore 01

wheel whore 02

wheel whore 03

wheel whore 04

wheel whore 05

wheel whore 06

wheel whore 07

wheel whore 08

wheel whore 09

wheel whore 10

wheel whore 11

wheel whore 12

wheel whore 13

wheel whore 14

wheel whore 15

wheel whore 16

wheel whore 17

wheel whore 18

wheel whore 19

wheel whore 20

wheel whore 21

I Know I Like This

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Because I loooove Super Advans. But daaamn do I hate that pinstripe.


Super Pink Advans

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I can dig it. I’ve been eyeballing a new set of wheels for the red hatch, if I got them I was planning on having my Advan knock offs powder coated white, but then the silver hatch had to blow up and wreck my bank account and ruin my fucking summer.



on a more positive note

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OK, we got my hostility out of the way but I don’t want to leave you, my 3 or 4 readers, with a negative vibe tonight, instead I’ll leave you with this super clean Teg. Advans, Spoon mirrors, Mugen wing, trends have gotten so extreme over the past year or two understated is really starting to appeal to me again.