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Honda Racing Line

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Press Release:

Honda Performance Development, Inc. Launches Grassroots Motorsports Initiative
Will Develop Products, Services for Amateur, Lower-Level Professional Racers

07/24/2009 – ELKHART LAKE, Wis. – Honda Performance Development, Inc. (HPD), the authorized Honda and Acura auto racing company in North America, today announced a new automotive initiative targeted at expanding its presence in the grassroots motorsports market.

The broad-based initiative will include the development of products and services that support competition in the amateur and entry-level professional ranks, and will also include integrated marketing activities designed to raise the profile of Honda Racing and HPD.

“For many years, Honda enthusiasts have campaigned our products in racing series throughout the U.S.,” said Erik Berkman, President of Honda Performance Development. “On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Honda brand in the United States, we are pleased to announce that we will now support those efforts directly, by introducing products and services geared toward helping our customers fulfill their racing dreams.”

The new program will ultimately include an array of products and services for Honda and Acura customers who compete in amateur and professional racing. These products include both original equipment parts and racing-performance parts.

To launch its new grassroots initiative, HPD will operate the Honda Racing Line, a club targeted at licensed participants in amateur and entry-level professional racing. The Honda Racing Line will provide its members with a direct connection to Honda Performance Development and its unparalleled record of success at the pinnacle levels of motorsport.

This channel to factory support, which will offer Honda Racing Line members the opportunity to purchase racing-performance parts for expedited delivery, has not existed previously.

“Thousands of our customers are racing Hondas or Acuras today with a need for regular access to parts,” Berkman noted. “A market has clearly been established for a service like the Honda Racing Line. We are pleased to provide that service, and look forward to expanding the roster of benefits and services available to Honda Racing Line members.”

Competitors may register for the Honda Racing Line club and gain access to the parts catalogue through a website portal, . Additional Racing Line membership benefits will be announced as they are developed.

HPD’s new grassroots motorsports initiative also supports the fans of grassroots racing through an integrated marketing plan, focusing on fan identification with the Honda Racing brand through merchandise sales and additional services.

Specific details regarding other components of the new grassroots motorsports initiative will be announced throughout the year.

Wide Load

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When you own a Civic shopping for tires is a breeze, you call up Tire Rack and ask what 195/50/15s are on sale. When you’re building a monster like the Yellow Sub, it can get a little tricky. Hatch Life friend and supporter and all around international trend setter James had to go with Hoosier slicks to find something to fit his other worldly 15×13 -109 Ronals. They set the Yellow Sub down a little more in the rear and probably do a good job of keeping his driveway gravel free, but he’s not done yet, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.




Camo Crew

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I bet these look awesome rolling together


IA Money Shots

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import alliance 05

import alliance 04

import alliance 06

import alliance 11

import alliance 12

import alliance 14

import alliance 18

import alliance 16

import alliance 13

import alliance 03

import alliance 07

import alliance 01

import alliance 02

import alliance 15

import alliance 17

WagoVans @ Import Alliance

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The poor unloved WagoVan, it will always be highly respected and appreciated here at Hatch Life. Good to see some nice ones at IA. Viva La WagoVan!










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I’m like you, I’ve spent the last two days taking in all the Import Alliance threads, picking favs, trying to wittle them down into a coherent post. They’ll all be old news by the time I get my shit together lol. But I guarantee these are the two sickest pix from the weekend.



Jon @ Import Alliance

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Jon is a local dude I’ve met a couple times and bought some parts from, super nice guy who knows his shit. He straight killed it at IA with his genuine CTR on Volk CE28s in the Honda Type R Time AttackĀ  colorway and his matching sedan.


Road Trippin : WagoVan Style

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This WagoVan and half rig spotted at Import Alliance is the shit.



JDM Bed&Breakfast


How to Roll Into Import Alliance

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Rockabilly Hardcore : Sled Style

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Vdubs. What’s the the first thing that pops in your head when I say that? For me it’s rat/hood style. I love it, the patina, the stance, wacky stuff strapped to the roof. What I love most about it is that it draws it’s inspiration from the roots of hot rodding in the 50s, tattered old pre war cars put back on the road with some heat under the hood. Admit it, the hood ride VWs have a lot more fun and creative freedom than the hard parking JDM Honda guys.

This Golf is on a whole other level, drawing more from the heavily reworked cruiser sleds of the 40s and 50s. It’s like the builder totally ignored the fact that he had a Golf and built it just the way you would a 1950 Mercury.

Big chrome toothy grin just like so many lead sleds, proper satin paint rather than rattle can flat, with a period correct contrasting pop color




Details everywhere, just check out the hand pinstripping where no one will ever see it


Beautifully weathered shop logo on the door, somewhere between WW2 aircraft nose art and a Sailor Jerry tattoo


Head liner that could hang in a museum, done in the same style



Theme is carried over everywhere


More beautiful tattoo style airbrush work over ghost flames


This thing is done RIGHT, it stands alone.