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The Blog; She Awakens

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for now…your moment of Zen from our friends at Osaka JDM Temple Racing

EF’n Heaven

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was that a great shoot or what?

1400th Post

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…and it’s Track Whore time!

I Just Wanna Cuddle

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  I would daily the FAWK out of this

North West Meet

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This first black one is just absolutely killing me

Straight Dope Status EF

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Love it

Somewhere Down the Line

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If cars we consider modern someday see the kind of attention classics receive in settings like Barrett Jackson, it will be cars like this. To me it’s not an unreasonable possibility, there are many similarities that can be drawn. Today collector status has shifted away from pre war classics to 50’s and 60’s cars, it’s a generational thing. The kids who had or dreamed of those cars back in the day are now in a position to relive those feelings and memories. They pay top dollar because demand is higher than supply, those cars they loved in thier youth got wrecked, rusted away, were neglected, cannabalized, and just plain discarded because they went through a period where they had no real value or desireablility. Many of those things can be said of cars most would still consider very modest like the car we take a look at today. In 20 years when this generation has some disposable income and hits a period in thier lives when they look back with nostagia on what they drove, how many will still exist in this state? They were just little econo boxes that people drove as a cheap reliable means of disposable transportation, many are already in the process of rotting away or have been molested by thier owners. If the day comes when pre 2000 imports have a collector status the way muscle cars have today, and I really do think that day will come, here’s what I think will be one of the cars that shine. A mint EF Si, never modified, never restored, just a true survivor. Already a needle in a hay stack, just think what another 20 years would do to this car’s status.

Heavenly EF

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Oh how I wish I could find a wallpaper sized version of this first pic, soooo nice!

Hats Off to 7Tune

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for meeting up with the boys from Osaka JDM / Temple Racing

This Will Get People Talking Some Shit

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So let’s just get it over with, Mike Burroughs rust, Phase 2 bay, and euro rat loaded up roof rack. When someone copies your style you can look at it two ways; a compliment, people love what you’re doing and you’re setting trends, or; you can whine about it call them a biter and get all bent out of shape. I’m in the minority and go with the first of those, let it motivate you to step it up even more and reinvent things once again. The fact that this car was on home of Mike Burroughs rust BMW I think says a lot about Mike, all positive. Either way, it’s one of those “fun to look at but I wouldn’t do it” cars.