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Our prayers have been answered, I just read that Discovery Channel’s HD Theater will be airing all WRC events starting this October! How fucking awesome is this! I hope they bring back Nicky Grist as a commentator. Fuck you Speed TV!


Who Built Your Roll Cage?

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Prodrive Garage Sale

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Prodrive is selling a bunch of cool stuff including the very first WRC Impreza built under the new rules adopted in 1997. Price is about $125,000, and it just happens to be an ex Colin McRae car. Also for sale are 7 other WRC cars and 17 Group N Imprezas. All the details can be downloaded in PDF format from Prodrive’s site.



Czech It

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Skoda Fabia S2000 (or Super 2000), killer little rally bred 4 door hatch, rumor is there will be a street version called the VRS late this year released as a 2010 model. Normally aspirated 280hp 4 cylinder, 6 speed sequential box, all wheel drive with 3 mechanical differentials. Sign me up!






1 Corner, 2 Minutes, 14 Crashes

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The locals seem to really get a kick out of this, damn I miss WRC on Speed channel.


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The Big Three aren’t the only ones being affected by the economic and auto industry slow down, other companies are taking proactive steps to ensure their future, unlike the Big Three who just spend money like Whitney Houston in a crack house and then beg for tax payers to bail them out over and over again. Here’s the latest rundown of what I’ve managed to piece together;

Honda: Dropped their entire F1 program and have cancelled the new NSX

Audi: Withdrawn from both American and European Le Mans series

Mazda: American Le Mans program dropped

Porsche: American Le Mans program dropped

Subaru: WRC program dropped

Suzuki: WRC program dropped

Aston Martin: Unspecified cutbacks and so far will only commit to the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Tough times indeed


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Do I like this STI? I’m really torn here, I like that it’s got a rally inspired vibe to it and that it’s unique, I’m just not sure about the execution. The wheels don’t jive with the rally theme. I’m gonna have to think about this.



The One and Only

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I just lust after old school boxy little cars with big flares sitting on low offset wheels, there is just something about that aesthetic that looks so buff. With that said dig on this, the last remaining authentic Ford RS1700T. The RS1700T began development as a Group B Rally car but was abandoned by Ford in favor of the RS200.

Opportunity Knocks

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A breathtaking collection of Rally cars for sale, trust me you should click this link

Morris&Welford Rally Collection For Sale


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My absolute number one automotive holy grail has surfaced on eBay. There can only be a handful of road version 037s in the US, I had no idea there was a real deal works prepared Groupe B car in the states. If you’re any kind of car guy at all click the link to check it out. It’s even wearing the iconic Martini livery, I now officially have 45 hours to win the lottery.

Groupe B Lancia 037 Rallye on eBay