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Nicely Turned Out EG

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Very clean, yet tastefully understated, no jumping on any trend band wagon here, just good old fashioned making the most of your car while keeping it firmly within it’s roots. Love it

I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

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Spotted this EF on I Put in Work and had to find more pix, so understated yet it makes a big impression, tricky combo to pull off.

Hot Box

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In case you thought you were going to suffer through the whole day without seeing a super clean Volvo 144 Deluxe, YOU  WERE WRONG!







Eat Off It

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Some cars inspire me, others I’m downright jealous of. A really sick stance can make me jealous, I may covet someone’s cool rare wheels, and I may get dioscouraged with my car when I see a hatch with thousands upon thousands of dollars dumped into it. But nothing, NOTHING, makes me jealous like an ultra clean bay. It doesn’t even need to be super tucked, just clean. Driving to work everyday in Ohio it’s pretty much impossible to maintain that status.



on a more positive note

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OK, we got my hostility out of the way but I don’t want to leave you, my 3 or 4 readers, with a negative vibe tonight, instead I’ll leave you with this super clean Teg. Advans, Spoon mirrors, Mugen wing, trends have gotten so extreme over the past year or two understated is really starting to appeal to me again.


EFs gather at Ricky and Ronnie’s

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pair of nice sedans



and WagoVans!



Crazy Clean

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything other than a hot rod or classic show car this detailed, and I know I’ve never seen a roll cage this over the top and complex before. Hell I don’t even know what kind of car it is lol! If you like this style you’ll dig this Jetta.

If you lock your keys in and have to climb in through the hatch you are fucked!


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Sometimes what’s not done to a car makes as much of a statement as what is done to it.