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Orthia Fronted Hatch

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We’ve seen some EL fronted hatches, and even a few EK fronted Orthia wagons but I think this is the first time I’ve seen this combo.

Mid Ship Accord

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I’ve been really bored with the lip on the red hatch lately, as you could probably tell from my Purple Speed post. So I was looking around at different lips today, hoping to find something unique, mildly aggressive, and hopefully actually available for purchase. I went looking for EKs with the Tsunami lip which turns out to be a little too pointy for my taste but I did find this sweet car with one. It’s a D14Z1 powered EJ9 from the Netherlands finished in factory Bordeaux Red. The owner managed to get 123hp @ 7K rpm out of the little 1.4 with the help of a Y8 intake manifold, DC header, OEM CTR muffler, OBD1 conversion and P06 tuned on Chrome. The rear lip is an OEM optional sedan/coupe piece. I thought it was a neat and kind of unique little car, there’s something refreshing about it’s throwback vibe.







Quick random kick ass hatch

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Renault Clio RS, sex on wheels. More Clios coming real soon here, stay tuned.

Dodge Omni

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or maybe a Plymouth Horizon? A friend of mine spotted this the other day and sent me these pix. Look past the obvious and appreciate it for what it is, a small cheap lightweight hatch that’s probably a riot to drive if the exterior clues like the big intercooler and external kill switch deliver what they promise.

Gran Turismo

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I remember when the first Gran Turismo came out for Play Station 1, it was the reason I bought a PS and was the only game I had for it, it was that damn good at the time. I don’t even want to think about how many hours days and months I spent parked in front of it. The first car I built was a silver Nissan Pulsar GTi-R and I’ve loved them ever since. How many times have I posted a bitchin hatch here and followed it up with “what a shame the US never got this car”?

Volvo C30

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It was pretty brave of Volvo to bring a premium hatch to the US. I love them, but apparently I’m one of the few that feel that way. I pass a Volvo dealer everyday on the way to work and I’ve seen the same 5 C30s on the front line there for about 2 months now. I hardly ever see one in normal traffic around town and forget about seeing a modified one. Unfortunately it seems americans still equate hatches with cheap boring transportation. The C30 isn’t quite as quick as the new GTI and doesn’t have the character of the Mini, but it’s my pick of the bunch for it’s uniqueness and somewhat rarity.

2010 Civic hatch …maybe

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It’s far from official but these pix of the supposed 2010 Civic hatch are floating around, said to be powered by a 1.5L IMA hybrid motor worth 150hp with a 2.0L i-VTEC Type R to follow. Personally I love it, I’d rock one all day long, but I’m not sure I like it as much as the CRZ. I guess we’ll see, the US probably won’t get the hatch version anyway.

Chicks dig scars

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What a little beast, I bet this car has some stories to tell

Renault Megane R26 R @ The Ring

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I really do love this car, I think it stems from my childhood obsession with the Renault R5 Turbo 2. The fact that it recently became the fastest front wheel drive car to lap The Nurburgring turning a 8:17 doesn’t hurt either.