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SlowMotion Motorsports Open House / Dyno Day Pt1

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This first round of pix from SloMo will be of the overall scene and great “everyone welcome, have fun” vibe, everyone is super cool with each other. I also wanted to to show you guys what a beautifully unique spot it is for a little get together and give you an idea of the different little areas scattered about the varied terrain. More up close stuff and a look inside the shop coming soon…

Hatch Life X WestHill Motorsport

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You regulars will know our friend Yoshitomo from WestHill Motorsports, he’s a true grassroots racer and a hard core Honda enthusiast. His shop is located just west of Mount Tsukuba, his shop and cars were severly damaged or lost in the events of March, the current government estimate is 10 years for full recovery. Our friend, supporter, and fellow enthusiast will be making a very special offer via Hatch Life in an attempt to break into the North American market and get back on his feet. You guys remember the trick gauge pod they hooked me up with?

We will be making these available for $190 shipped from Japan. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll be getting for your hard earned paper

Each one is hand made by Mr. Yoshitomo Nishioka, owner/operator of WestHill in the shadow of Mount Tsukuba, is that enough JDM cred for you?

They come loaded and wired with 45mm ProSport gauges; water temp, oil press, oil temp

We even have you covered on the exposed screws

Empty ones will also be available if you would like to do a A/F, boost, etc setup

If you are interested I can email you the 9 page step by step illustrated install manual that comes with each gauge pod in MS Word format

Personally, I love mine, the peace of mind of having an oil pressure gauge, it does away with those awful A pillar pods, and it’s just an elegant, unique, and useful addition to the car.

This is just the initial post, I’ll be receiving a sample in the mail this week to take pix of any detail you would like to get a better look at, and more details will follow regarding options, right now EK is confirmed, EG and DC Integra I’m waiting to hear about.

Hatch Life will not be making 1 cent off these! Feel free to email me anytime, it’s my honor to be a part of this.

I even put it in the JDMego font for you guys lol, I miss ya Jay

I Can’t Wait

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to see a CR-Z in person

FUCK Thieves

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To make things worse Honda thefts have been on a steep incline here lately, one victim was Jon’s old sedan that he worked so hard to make it perfectly match his CTR, which is DUT’s old car. It was recovered in better shape than expected, but I know how hard it is to get past that feeling of pure violation when someone has stolen, robbed, or vandalized your car.

In better news one local Honda thief was killed joy riding his new acquisition after losing control at high speed. If celebrating his death makes me a heartless bastard so be it. Like I said, FUCK thieves, so FUCK him. The real tragedy is that the fool ran over and killed a 74 year old man in the process. I’m sure he would agree with me, even if most of you don’t.

Some Vintage Honda Ads

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No No No No

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Thank You Freddy

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Hatch Life pal and blogging superstar RA64 Freddy answered my prayers, I’ve been dying to see a black CR-Z and he turned one up and posted it last week. For my personal taste, I think I was right, black is definately the color for these, it just ties it all together for me. I stopped in the lodal Honda dealer today to pick up some over priced plastic clips and asked about the CR-Z ans was told they expect the first ones to arrive next month. I WANT!

Equip 02s : Recovered

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First and foremost, Dennis’ wheels are back in his possession. I learned quite a bit over the last 48 hours; 1. there are some incredibly cool people out there, selfless enough to take time out of thier day to help a complete stranger, willing to stand up and do the right thing just for the sake of doing the right thing. 2. there is one really shady crew operating out of San Jose, right now I can’t link them to this particular incident, but if you’re in the area and you got jacked give me a shout and I can give you a heads up on where to start looking. Stop snitchin? Fuck that, I’ll keep snitchin til every fucking thief in the scene is hanging from a rope. 3. Karma. I don’t think for one minute that it’s a coincidence that one of the most generous supporters of The Melissa Project received this much help and got his gear back so fast.

The reward, I can’t thank everyone who emailed enough, I wish I could send everyone who sent the Craigslist ad $100 because you deserve that and a whole lot more. The first person who alerted Dennis to the ad and set up the fake buy was offered the reward. If we can tie the offender to the crew I was informed about there will be another reward given, as you can imagine it’s been an eventful day and I don’t have all the details yet.

If you take anything away from this I hope it’s that when we all band together we can get shit done. Yea, thieves will keep stealing and a lot of cars will never be recovered, but don’t give up, reach out and you might be surprised who answers the call.


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Pix from a recent Honda meet in Panama, always interesting to see what people outside the US are doing with their cars. There are some nice cars and some relatively tame ones, which I think is what I appreciate most about the coverage, it’s just a group of folks coming together to share their love of the Honda brand. I’m a firm believer that the kid who can only afford a set of Slips and some used Ground Controls doesn’t love his car any less than the guy with the ITB K series and Advans. (that’s not to say there aren’t cheap asses out there with bad taste lol) It just looks to me like these guys get together to have fun without ego and one-upmanship getting in the way. I know that feeling of working hard on your car, loving it, being proud of it, but still feeling intimidated rolling into a meet knowing you’re going to get judged and nitpicked on every little thing, I hate that shit.

Bonus Boobs!

Top One

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Ran across a site I hadn’t heard of before today, it’s probably old news to most of you but that’s price I pay for not being as cool as everyone else. Top One Aero looks like they make some nice canards, splitters, and winglets that are very affordable. It sounds like they are a young start up company and you all know how important it is these days to support the small mom and pop operations, plus they cater exclusively to Hondas. One thing I was really excited to see was thier range of beauty washer/allen head sets, 30 sets for only $40, Password is getting something like $20 for a set of 4 I think. If I’m still employed in the spring I’ll be getting a set to play with.

product testing at Leguna Seca