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Coolest. Thing. Ever.

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Volkswagen Aqua concept by my new hero Yuhan Zhang

That Other VW Hatch

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One bad ass Brasilia


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Still sick, exhausted, super busy, too out of it to make a coherent post so just some random Dubs from a recent meet for tonight.


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I mentioned earlier this week that if I came across a scanner I’d scan some photos of my old Scirocco, well I did find an office at work that had one so I dug through a shoebox full of my old photos. Man, talk about memories coming back, seeing pix of people you thought you’d be friends with forever that you haven’t talked to in 15 years, places you forgot you went, things you can’t believe you did. Time flies man. Anyway, these are from 1992 so I was 20 at the time, I loved this car it was a little screamer. I know by today’s standards for VWs it’s nothing special but keep in mind this was 17 years ago and the car was already 16 years old! I remember this rally phase I was going through with all the lights and the big Wolfsburg mudflaps lol I’ll be posting more of my memory lane scans here soon

scirocco 6

scirocco 5

scirocco 2

scirocco 3

scirocco interior

As far as I can remember the mod list was Kamei air dam, Neuspeed springs and sway bars, Bilstein struts, poly bushings, Ansa header, Monza muffler, ported head, heavy duty valve springs (no pesky rev limiters back then, just spin it up til the valves float), Metal Master pads, and of course those totally bitchin’ louvers, damn it I can’t remember who made those now. I can’t remember what those wheels were off of either, maybe a MK II Scirocco?

Even found some pix of my first girlfriend, I can’t help but wonder what she’s doing these days, she could be pretty annoying but we had some good times, kinda like the Scirocco lol! You never forget your first

kim 1

Rat vs Phat : VW MKI

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This round pits the beloved and e-famous Death Bucket against it’s well turned out twin sitting hard on Ronal Turbos. I love The Bucket but I gotta go Phat on this one.








Holy Guacamole

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How sick is this?


Bad Ass VW Polo

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Rieger Scirocco to Debut at Essen

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If you’re really old (like me) or a former Scirocco owner (like me) you probably remember Rieger’s widebody 1st and 2nd gen Scirocco GTOs.




Now they’ve worked over the all new (and super sexy imo) Scirocco and given it a cool Audi R8 vibe





as for the doors, well….


Crazy Stripped Jetta

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Homeboy takes his weight reduction seriously! I wish my exterior paint was as nice as his floor paint lol

hella flush

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yes indeed

Wheels are BBS E28 Rennsport, supposedly one of only five sets produced.