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Tra Kyoto / Rocket Bunny / 6666 Customs

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So what does the owner of the elusive company, that goes by many names, all of which make Silvia owners drool use as his personal car? One bad ass EF that’s what. Shot of course at the familiar gas station where the infamous S13 was inroduced to internet fame and mythology.

Four Sixes

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because three sixes aren’t evil enough. Some glamour shots of that UK drift car wearing the 6666 Tra Kyoto Rocket Bunny kit, gorgeous.

tra kyoto 0

tra kyoto 1

tra kyoto 2

Rodeo Style

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It goes by many names; Tra Kyoto, 6666, Rocket Bunny, FourSix Garage, GT Rodeo Special. It’s the S13 that caught everybodies attention, the aero so many Silvia owners want, but for some reason nobody can buy. And of course, if you’ve been hunting these aero parts you know Tra-Kyoto is home of the most useless business website ever lol. Since all you ever see are the infamous gas station shots and a few pix of the black UK drift car I was surprised to run across these shots of an unstickered full aero customer car. RB26 swapped and riding on Work VS-XXS. It pains me to say anything bad about this car, but it needs dumped on it’s nuts.

6666 Rocket Bunny 008

6666 Rocket Bunny 001

6666 Rocket Bunny 000

6666 Rocket Bunny 002

6666 Rocket Bunny 006

6666 Rocket Bunny 004

6666 Rocket Bunny 005


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Well it’s about damn time, finally a S13 with the Tra Kyoto 6666 Rocket Bunny kit that’s not a 6666 shop car. Car is owned and drifted by Anthony Scott in the UK.








A Different Kind of Bunny

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You know I love anything 6666 does, even this unidentified little people/parts mover sitting on the infamous Tra Kyoto Napalm / Winds Auto Barrel wheels. Six months later and I still haven’t found even the tiniest clue as to how to get ahold of a set. For more 6666 Customs / Rocket Bunny sex click the link in the tag cloud.


More Tra-Kyoto Napalm

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A couple of Kei cars wearing smokin hot Tra-Kyoto Napalm wheels, the gold one is a 6666 build, not sure about the black one. I just love the wheels and have been searching in vain for a way to order some without learning Japanese so if anyone knows how to get ahold of a set drop me an email at negativaATgmailDOTcom. If you missed it check them out on this 6666 built VW Golf. Curiously while searching I’ve also seen them called Winds Auto Barrel. Alas they remain elusive and a mystery.

Public Service Bulletin

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If any of the 2 or 3 people who actually read this blog have any info on purchasing anything from Tra-Kyoto / 6666 / Four Six Customs / Rocket Bunny in the US please contact me direct at the address below. They may have some sick parts but thier website is completely useless and I can’t read Japanese. Thank you.

6666 goes VIP

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In America the Honda Odyssey is a boring mini van, in Japan it’s actually a really good looking wagon kind of thing that lends itself quite well to the VIP treatment. The good folks at Tra-Kyoto / 6666 Customs gave this one a work over.

Latest from 6666

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Four Six just keeps them coming. They can do no wrong in my eyes, I’m absolutely in love with their style. For previous 6666 entries click the 6666 link in the tag cloud to the right —-> 🙂

More 6666 Customs

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Damn do I love thier style, so mean. If you missed my previous 6666 Customs / Rocket Bunny / Tra-Kyoto post check it here