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Thank You Green EK

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For 3 crazy years she served as Hatch Life’s banner, and it’s probably been at least that long since I’ve seen her posted anywhere so if you know where she is give me a shout.

oh and if you guys want the old banner back, just let me know, it is kinda weird coming here and not seeing the green car lol

CR-Z Videos

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First up at the shop behind the scenes with Spoon and thier CR-Z project, sub titles would be handy right about now

Next is on track at Suzuka with the Noblesse CR-Z, which is, mmm…quiet. Admittedly a pretty boring vid actually, but I’m on a serious CR-Z kick right now

Spoon CR-Z

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I guess I’m in the minority for liking the CR-Z and wanting one. You’ve seen the Mugen concept, now Spoon is taking a crack at the the love it or hate it hybrid. Parts in the works include an ECU upgrade, 15″ disks with upgraded calipers, front coil over, rear shock/spring combo, and N1 style exhaust. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever heard an aftermarket exhaust on a hyrid, I’m curious. Spoon’s test mule/demo car is wearing thier CR93 wheels in Spoon blue. I still can’t wait to see a black CR-Z

Kill 10 Minutes

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SS Works CRX, Esprit NSX, Spoon S2K, Jun EK9, Super NA Battle @ Ebisu

Pit Lane Pimpin

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Double Mint

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Pair of hard EKs out of Seattle, tough to pick a fav but I gotta go with the Mugen’d out green one.





Still Relevant

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Various 10 year old Hondas still proudly displayed at TAS 2009




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Yea, we all love the JDM tyte yO! shit, but do you have a limit? Yes, reputable manufacturers put a lot of money in R&D, engineering and design into their products and that cost must be recouped. Then a company comes along and knocks off the design, reproduces it using cheaper inferior materials and there is savings to be had by the consumer. And there’s the catch, you’ve read a million threads about it all over the intertubes. But are some of these high end brand names taking it a little too far? Case in piont; the Spoon battery tie down. I’m sure it’s a quality piece, but just how much R&D and engineering went into this? Enough to warrant the $185 price tag??? Maybe I’m a poser and a ricer but it seems to me this is $60 worth of battery tie down and $125 worth of we’re Spoon and we’ll charge whatever we think we can squeeze out of these JDM obsessed americans.


Spoon S2000

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I’ll be out of town til Monday, this is such a great shot it should tide you over til then.


EK Civic Wings Sampler

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JDM Civic EK9 Type R

Spoon Duckbill









Seeker in white compared to stock CTR

Seeker V2

First Molding

J’s Racing



C West



Alex riser/tilt brackets for CTR