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Must Purchase!

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Like a lot of “car guys”, maybe even some of you, I’m a bit of a diecast whore. I made the transition from casual buyer to fanatical collector about 8 years ago but these days I’m a reformed addict and only buy the stuff that really catches my eye. I’ve actually been meaning to take some pix of some really rare Honda pieces I have to post on here for quite some time but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. That’s actually how I first met JDMego Jay way back then, the company he was designing for was doing import stuff that was light years ahead of the big compaines like Hot Wheels and they also made some very limited cars for different Honda corporate conventions that he hooked me up with. I haven’t really kept in touch with him for quite a while but he was a big influence on how I viewed aftermarket tuning, he really did open my eyes to a whole new world and I owe him a debt of gratitude for that. Sweet baby jeebus this post got longer than it should have been lol, my point is I really really want these new 1:55 scale cars from Maisto!

Very Rare Opportunity

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1974 Datsun 610 currently for sale in Oregon for $12,600. This little beauty is a sure fire head turner at just about any meet you decide to hit up. It’s got all the great vintage JDM styling cues we all love but way more rare than a 510 or 70’s Celica. It will probably be a very long time before you see one this clean available again and is a great, well sorted driver thanks to it’s well executed KA24DE swap. More info here


rear corner



Datsun 710

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I’m not that good with chassis codes so you’ll have to forgive me, I do think these were called Violets in Japan though. This is not the best one you’ll ever see, but I love it. There’s an old saying in the car game; “It’s only original once”, and I’m a firm believer in it. Other than being lowered and given a set of staggered SSR MKIIs this 710 owned by Jose Mendez is all original and bone stock right down to the 100hp L20B engine. To some this is the perfect starting point for a teardown, paint, and swap but I love that he chose to let it be. The car’s soul and spirit are intact, the patina telling the story of the life it’s lived. You don’t look at it and wonder how big of a mess it was when it was found and how much bondo is holding it together, it’s just an honest, REAL car.






Old School Gangsta Shit

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Keeping tonight’s theme going with a pair of Gloria 330s






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IMG Old School Meet

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The patina on this Z is so perfect











BSR 240Z on eBay

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One of two 240Zs built by Bob Sharp Racing to compete in IMSA in 1975 and 76 and the only survivor. This one is the backup car to the 1975 GTU class champion which was destroyed in 76. Just imagine rolling into JCCS in this…. instant rock star status.




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You know what I love about old 70’s econoboxes? It’s the fact that they were nothing special and completely unrespected when they were new. They’ve long since rotted away or been sent to the crusher so seeing them today makes you see them in a whole new light, suddenly it is rare and special to see one and makes you regret all the ones you had a chance to buy for $500 back in the day. Which brings us to this prepped Datsun B310.






Used and Abused

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I believe these sit in the Nissan Heritage Collection, personally I love how they are kept as raced rather than given a full restoration.

Some of my Nisei favs

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Everybody’s seen plenty of pix from this year’s Nisei Showoff, thought I’d just post a couple of my favs

This EP3 has been around forever but I still love it

Nothing ground breaking here but you just never see nice Supras of this generation


Looks like a ton of money and quality work went into this, did it used to be dark gray?

3rd time this Xb has graced this blog, I can’t help it, it’s just so cool to see someone in the US do a bosozuko build of this quality