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Old School Night in Santa Clara

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ooohh how much do I love this wagon

currently the most recognized Z on the planet, even more so than the blue Devil Z

I concur sir

Old School Funk

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I’ve had these laying around in a folder on my desktop for a while, I can’t remember how I came across them. For some reason I have this feeling someone like Phil may have already posted them so to be on the safe side let’s give Phil credit for them, you should be checking out his blog anyway, it’s better than mine.

Love this Cressida

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Remember this car, you’ll be seeing it everywhere when shots of it with it’s new wheels start to surface.



Very Rare Opportunity

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1974 Datsun 610 currently for sale in Oregon for $12,600. This little beauty is a sure fire head turner at just about any meet you decide to hit up. It’s got all the great vintage JDM styling cues we all love but way more rare than a 510 or 70’s Celica. It will probably be a very long time before you see one this clean available again and is a great, well sorted driver thanks to it’s well executed KA24DE swap. More info here


rear corner



Datsun 710

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I’m not that good with chassis codes so you’ll have to forgive me, I do think these were called Violets in Japan though. This is not the best one you’ll ever see, but I love it. There’s an old saying in the car game; “It’s only original once”, and I’m a firm believer in it. Other than being lowered and given a set of staggered SSR MKIIs this 710 owned by Jose Mendez is all original and bone stock right down to the 100hp L20B engine. To some this is the perfect starting point for a teardown, paint, and swap but I love that he chose to let it be. The car’s soul and spirit are intact, the patina telling the story of the life it’s lived. You don’t look at it and wonder how big of a mess it was when it was found and how much bondo is holding it together, it’s just an honest, REAL car.






Rockabilly Hardcore : Sled Style

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Vdubs. What’s the the first thing that pops in your head when I say that? For me it’s rat/hood style. I love it, the patina, the stance, wacky stuff strapped to the roof. What I love most about it is that it draws it’s inspiration from the roots of hot rodding in the 50s, tattered old pre war cars put back on the road with some heat under the hood. Admit it, the hood ride VWs have a lot more fun and creative freedom than the hard parking JDM Honda guys.

This Golf is on a whole other level, drawing more from the heavily reworked cruiser sleds of the 40s and 50s. It’s like the builder totally ignored the fact that he had a Golf and built it just the way you would a 1950 Mercury.

Big chrome toothy grin just like so many lead sleds, proper satin paint rather than rattle can flat, with a period correct contrasting pop color




Details everywhere, just check out the hand pinstripping where no one will ever see it


Beautifully weathered shop logo on the door, somewhere between WW2 aircraft nose art and a Sailor Jerry tattoo


Head liner that could hang in a museum, done in the same style



Theme is carried over everywhere


More beautiful tattoo style airbrush work over ghost flames


This thing is done RIGHT, it stands alone.

You’ve Seen It, You Love It

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and yes me and ceiling cat know, you fapped to it. It’s the Wall of Fame that’s blown up the internet this week. Turns out it was made by Slappy at Slide Asylum. I added him to the blog roll last month, it’s a great site so if you haven’t checked it out yet pay a visit.


IMG Old School Meet

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The patina on this Z is so perfect











Toyota Crown Wagon

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Call me crazy but I dig it!