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Countdown to Extinction

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Can you feel it? I can feel it. More and more each day. It’s in the air, all around you, the tension, the hostility. The injustice and greed, the lies. The growing numbers of weather related tragedies on a monumental scale. The sense that something has to give. Is the fact that we’re on the verge of 2012 a coincidence or just part of the subconcious tension? I grew up in the cold war 80’s when we actually had drills where we would cower in our “safety position” under our desk in case of global nuclear war and I’ve never felt like the world is in as much peril as it is now. One thing for sure is, if it’s all going to hell there’s only one way I want it to end; Zombie Apocalypse. My reservation for a front row seat to Z Day is booked as of now.

I’m not the only one who thinks now is a good time to be prepared, Hatch Life friend Aaron, who played a key role in the miracle success of The Melissa Project, is making sure he’s prepared for when it all goes to hell too. You may remember Aaron for his work of art chopped xB

His latest opus maximus is a 1974 AMC Hornet designed with only two things in mind; intimidation and survival, be it from a government gone wild or a hoard of rabid zombies. It is my honor to invite you to…

if you didn’t make that last one your new wallpaper I just lost a little respect for you lol

while I’m mouthing off dig the fully functional observation turret

Huge thanks to Aaron for getting these bad ass pix and allowing me to share them with you guys!

Stay tuned for our next episode of Hatch Life:End Days

1400th Post

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…and it’s Track Whore time!

Oops I Did it Again

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After an extremely long absence and a weak comeback I kinda let the blog slow down again. I do try man, it’s just one of those cases where life gets in the way. It’s an exciting time and I’m probably happier than I’ve ever been but it doesn’t leave a lot of free time, even my cars have been neglected, badly. Since there are so many blogs now I don’t like to do too many “Random Pic” posts since no matter what it is somebody has always seen it somewhere else first, and it takes that rare commodity known as time to do posts with a cool theme or ones where I actually have something to say. Maybe it’s a reflection of how cars in general have taken a back seat in my life right now? Whatever, I am in the process of recommitting myself to the blog, but in the meantime I’ve found it extremely convenient to do a pic or 2 of the day on the brand spanking new Hatch Life Facebook page. I’ve had more fun doing that than thinking about the blog lately, so if you want a daily dose of Hatch Life without all the rambling you can click our new “Like” button at the top courtesy of my buddy Tim or follow the link. It’s gonna be fun, and pix that get posted there will not appear on the blog


Florida Flavor

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GoodGuys Columbus Auto-X

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Probably the only thing Columbus has going for it is every July it hosts one of the largest Hot Rod shows in the country, GoodGuys’ Nationals. Even if you go nowhere near the show you know it’s here, 20% of traffic is suddenly pre 1972, with the percentage growing rapidly as you get closer to the main roads north of town, we’re talking 7000+ cars from around the country. And for the first time in forever I missed it. It’s all good, I was in Cleveland having the best week of my life …..but that’s another story. HL roving reporter Duke has some pix for us we’ll be putting up soon.

One thing GoodGuys have done over the past few years that I just love are the autocrosses. I’d love to see this incorporated into something like Eibach or JCCS. Eventhough I missed all the fun (actually I didn’t, I wouldn’t have traded what I was up to for the world) I did find some cool pix from the AutoX

SlowMotion Pt3 ….finally

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Up close and personal with some of cars that came out

if you have an internet connection you probably know this NSX

This Supra put down 785hp on the dyno that day

┬áSubaru with a really cool pearl clear on all of it’s carbon fiber

One of my favs of the day

for Regal

Another one of my favs

Always a soft spot for DSMs

stoked too see this car roll in, I had just featured it a couple weeks before


Pair of Domani / EL conversions even showed up

SlowMotion Pt2 Inside the Shop

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It was really hard to get any decent shots inside, it was constantly crowded because it was after all “Dyno Day”. That and I suck as photographer and use a point and shoot.


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I never figured out how to put a Facebook “Like” button on here so I just kind of dropped that idea. While Googling around I found a Facebook page that uses the “Hatch Life” name and logo which is not mine. I really don’t mind and am actually very flattered, dude has a really nice EG too. But since I do act as WestHill’s american distributor and may do cash business with some of you in the future I do have to clear this up.

THIS IS NOT me on Facebook

THIS IS me on Facebook