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Long time HL friend and supporter Ryan blew up the mystery car! It is indeed a Merdad Porsche Cayenne¬† 902 Coupe. I still don’t get how they figure it’s a coupe. Nice work Ryan!

red stitch y0! lol

Rat vs Phat : Porsche 356

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Man we haven’t done a Rat vs Phat in ages, bout time for one

Incredible Porsche Diorama

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Porsche 911 turbo 018

Porsche 911 turbo 014

Porsche 911 turbo 054

Porsche911 Turbo2 048

Porsche911 Turbo2 054

Porsche911 Turbo2 057

Porsche 911 turbo 022

Porsche 911 turbo 036

Porsche 911 turbo 052

Porsche 911 turbo diorama 107

Porsche Hatch

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Actually it will be called the Porsche Cayman Shooting Brake if it goes into production. Good to see the higher end market get some Hatch Love, the last car like that the US got that comes to mind is the BMW Z3 Coupe. Personally I love this rendering and I generally don’t care for “supercars”.* Why “shooting brake” you ask? It’s actually an older term that generally applies to 2 door wagon body styles, which I tend to lump in the hatch back category. Wiki has the whole story for you right here


A couple older Porsche Shooting Brakes, a 944 and a 924, neither are factory builds as far as I know.



*oh yea the asterix foot note, you read that right I’m not a fan of supercars. I just find them, somehow, vulgar. I appreciate them for what they are; beautiful, highly tuned and developed, beasts to drive, etc, but I just don’t get off on them. I like seeing people squeeze everything they can out of basically nothing, just going out and writing a fat check for a fast car is lazy imo. Any idiot douchebag with the money can go buy a new corvette and think he’s cool, but seeing some 18 year old kid in a 15 year old econobox hatch that he sweated and slaved over spank that vette…that right there is someone who gets it, they are the true car guy, the guy with real passion for what he drives. Look at it this way; one guy goes and buys a Cayman Turbo for $45k and runs low 13s. Wow, what did he do other than get approved for a loan? Another guy goes out and buys a clapped out EG, does some body work, gives it a nice low stance on some nice wheels, pieces together a built LS-V, has about $9k in it when he’s done and runs high 13s. The Cayman is a bit faster, attracts more high maintenance chicks, but guess who gets my respect and which car will have true character. Sorry, I knew my supercar rant would come out eventually on here.

Before There Was Rauh Welt

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There was DP MotorSport, circa 1988. I remember drooling all over these while looking through The DuPont Registry in study hall. They may look a little Miami Vicey today, nothing¬† some flat black rattle can can’t fix.


Mutha Fucka Say What!

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Bad Kitteh!

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Brotha from a different Motha

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The Big Three aren’t the only ones being affected by the economic and auto industry slow down, other companies are taking proactive steps to ensure their future, unlike the Big Three who just spend money like Whitney Houston in a crack house and then beg for tax payers to bail them out over and over again. Here’s the latest rundown of what I’ve managed to piece together;

Honda: Dropped their entire F1 program and have cancelled the new NSX

Audi: Withdrawn from both American and European Le Mans series

Mazda: American Le Mans program dropped

Porsche: American Le Mans program dropped

Subaru: WRC program dropped

Suzuki: WRC program dropped

Aston Martin: Unspecified cutbacks and so far will only commit to the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Tough times indeed

Rat vs Phat : Porsche 356

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Two of my favorite 356s couldn’t be more different, one is full on rat rod patina beater, the other outlaw style with almost a hot rod finesse