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Ths Guy Gets It

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Super Clean MKII She Rock

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Like it was Yesterday

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Back in 1993 I still had my MKI Scirocco so I was naturally in my full on hardcore Scirocco phase (not that I still don’t love them today). Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet so the new car magazines hitting the stores was a big event, it was the only time you saw cars that didn’t belong to your friends. I remember one particular Scirocco that graced the cover of European Car magazine, it was like nothing I had seen before and it had a real impact on me, I’ve never forgotten it. It was much closer to a track car than street car which was hardcore at the time and had been painted in full Warhol BMW art car style. Absolutely crazy for back then. Imagine my surprise when that very Scirocco, looking nearly identical to how it looked back in the day turned up on Craigslist for $2500. What I wouldn’t give to bring it home. I emailed the seller over the weekend asking for more pix but was snubbed. I know I have the original magazine somewhere, in one of the countless unmarked boxes of old car mags in my storage, I just wish I could find the time to go through them.

scirocco art car

Nice Pair

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My love of first gen Sciroccos is no secret to the regular visitors, here’s an exceptionally nice pair. The red one on ATS Classics is absolutely killing me.



Edition 38

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Split Personality : Scirocco

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Appropriately enough named Two Face. You can now officially say you’ve “seen it all”. You’re welcome.






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I mentioned earlier this week that if I came across a scanner I’d scan some photos of my old Scirocco, well I did find an office at work that had one so I dug through a shoebox full of my old photos. Man, talk about memories coming back, seeing pix of people you thought you’d be friends with forever that you haven’t talked to in 15 years, places you forgot you went, things you can’t believe you did. Time flies man. Anyway, these are from 1992 so I was 20 at the time, I loved this car it was a little screamer. I know by today’s standards for VWs it’s nothing special but keep in mind this was 17 years ago and the car was already 16 years old! I remember this rally phase I was going through with all the lights and the big Wolfsburg mudflaps lol I’ll be posting more of my memory lane scans here soon

scirocco 6

scirocco 5

scirocco 2

scirocco 3

scirocco interior

As far as I can remember the mod list was Kamei air dam, Neuspeed springs and sway bars, Bilstein struts, poly bushings, Ansa header, Monza muffler, ported head, heavy duty valve springs (no pesky rev limiters back then, just spin it up til the valves float), Metal Master pads, and of course those totally bitchin’ louvers, damn it I can’t remember who made those now. I can’t remember what those wheels were off of either, maybe a MK II Scirocco?

Even found some pix of my first girlfriend, I can’t help but wonder what she’s doing these days, she could be pretty annoying but we had some good times, kinda like the Scirocco lol! You never forget your first

kim 1

Want! Want! Want!

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Few things in life turn me on as much as a perfect MKI Scirocco. I had one back in the early 90’s that I held on to til it rusted out from under me, literally, the rear subframe separated. (yea I’ve been rolling a hatch of some sort since ’88 now get off my lawn ya fuckin’ punks lol!) But I loved my She-Rock. Only the ’75-’77s had the corner lights that don’t wrap around the side of the car like this one, and even back in the early 90’s nice examples were extremely hard to come by in the mid west. Mine was dark gray with those awesome red and black plaid Recaros, if I come across someone with a scanner I’ll scan my old photos of it sometime to post. Anyway, this one’s perfect.


Rieger Scirocco to Debut at Essen

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If you’re really old (like me) or a former Scirocco owner (like me) you probably remember Rieger’s widebody 1st and 2nd gen Scirocco GTOs.




Now they’ve worked over the all new (and super sexy imo) Scirocco and given it a cool Audi R8 vibe





as for the doors, well….


Ready to ‘Roc

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Bitchin little MKII Scirocco