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I Gots Mine

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Y’alls got yours?

Please don’t let the fact that Japan is not the #1 headline anymore fool you into thinking it must be back to normal over there. The recovery will be measured in years, not weeks or months. Our friends at WestHill Motorsports have been heavily affected by the events, and as a project to help them I might very well be able to offer thier lineup at outrageous discounts to you guys here very soon! Oh and go buy one of Yuta’s stickers too.

Warning : Original Content

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Of the many things I always considered lame about this blog, the lack of original content is pretty high up the list. But thanks to this little gem I ran across the other and my state of the art RAZR (meaning the pix suck) that’s all about to change. And yes, I really still do carry a RAZR, I even had to have a friend show me how to get the pix to the computer. But it’s all good because where else are you gonna see a Bomex Accord today? Dig the JDM tilt on that front plate.


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I think about Miatas a lot, I’ll probably never get one eventhough I’ve built quite a few in my head. But none of my imaginary Miatas have been as kick ass as this one, everything about it is just so right, I love it.

I Just Wanna Cuddle

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  I would daily the FAWK out of this

Easter Egg Hunt!

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and what would Easter be without some Harlequins

StripLot W108

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This one just slaps you right in the face when you first see it, and it’s proven to be one of those cars that tend to people at odds with each other. They either love everything about it or think the car has been forever ruined and is tacky as hell. I dunno man, I absolutely love it, it looks like a ton of planning and work went into it, somebody definantly had a vision when they took on this project. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t love it if it was olive drab with chrome blazin though. What I especially love are the original alloys being made into 3 piece stunners, I’ve only seen this on a couple other cars, that brown wagovan with the RT AWD rebarreled steelies, and the dude who made 3 piece Ronal Bears come to mind, not that Bears are OEM but making a one piece alloy into a three piece blows my mind. Maybe that’s gonna be the next big thing. Rare JDM was and still is huge, offset with custom hardware and lips exploded a couple years ago, the powder coaters and dippers have stepped up their game, maybe one-off wheels like these are the next step.

But does it have vtec?

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if you’re any kind of car guy…

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You can recognize and respect quality work even if it’s a style you wouldn’t personally rock. You also have a wide appreciation of all things piston powered (no offence rotary guys, it just sounded good). You check out the drift blogs, the rat rod boards, the VIP cars on Minkara, you foam at the mouth waiting for the first pix to get posted from SEMA each year. And it’s all good, the last year or two we’ve seen an incredible cross pollination of styles; EGs tucking and poking BBS wheels, VIP style Fits, BMW M3s on Volks with Voltex aero, oh and this one 5 series you might have seen around, you know, you’ve seen it, and it’s pretty exciting seeing what people come up with next now that “the rules” are much looser. Yada yada my point is variety makes the scene go around so do yourself a favor and check out the crazy 70’s freak out paintwork by Blue Moon Kustoms. I want to see a champ white 99 hatch, super tucked and shaved B16 with something like this in the bay, the under hood and valve cover this year. Go get to work people!

I Love Cats Too!

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Something about this color scheme¬† and the “clean mild tuck” is really pushing all the right buttons for me

Roll of the Dice

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Stuff like this can be so hit or miss, it has the potential be yummy or completely retarded. I really like this.