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SlowMotion Pt3 ….finally

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Up close and personal with some of cars that came out

if you have an internet connection you probably know this NSX

This Supra put down 785hp on the dyno that day

┬áSubaru with a really cool pearl clear on all of it’s carbon fiber

One of my favs of the day

for Regal

Another one of my favs

Always a soft spot for DSMs

stoked too see this car roll in, I had just featured it a couple weeks before


Pair of Domani / EL conversions even showed up

SlowMotion Pt2 Inside the Shop

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It was really hard to get any decent shots inside, it was constantly crowded because it was after all “Dyno Day”. That and I suck as photographer and use a point and shoot.

SlowMotion Motorsports Open House / Dyno Day Pt1

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This first round of pix from SloMo will be of the overall scene and great “everyone welcome, have fun” vibe, everyone is super cool with each other. I also wanted to to show you guys what a beautifully unique spot it is for a little get together and give you an idea of the different little areas scattered about the varied terrain. More up close stuff and a look inside the shop coming soon…

Chicagoland Mopar Club Show

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And yes, the “Mod Top” is an original factory option, there were a couple different patterns available and are very rare nowadays and I love it, Click the link to become an expert on all the great Mod options available.

North West Meet

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This first black one is just absolutely killing me


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Pix from a recent Honda meet in Panama, always interesting to see what people outside the US are doing with their cars. There are some nice cars and some relatively tame ones, which I think is what I appreciate most about the coverage, it’s just a group of folks coming together to share their love of the Honda brand. I’m a firm believer that the kid who can only afford a set of Slips and some used Ground Controls doesn’t love his car any less than the guy with the ITB K series and Advans. (that’s not to say there aren’t cheap asses out there with bad taste lol) It just looks to me like these guys get together to have fun without ego and one-upmanship getting in the way. I know that feeling of working hard on your car, loving it, being proud of it, but still feeling intimidated rolling into a meet knowing you’re going to get judged and nitpicked on every little thing, I hate that shit.

Bonus Boobs!

Up To No Good

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EA x EF Midnight Gathering

Funk Fashion

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More cool stuff from the meet where Sik Creations debuted their cars.

and I can’t wait to hear what you think of this, I think the cut down windshield sells it

Sunday Funday

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Started off the day rolling to the Ohio Hondas fall meet with Duke. It was about 50 degrees and pretty windy so I wasn’t expecting much of a turn out but it was decent. My camera is every bit as lame as my car so don’t expect much from the pictures, but I did take a bunch. I got to meet Brian and the super cool gang from Team Function and got to see Brian’s graffiti hatch in person. Seeing pictures of it is one thing, seeing it roll down the street is a whole different experience, it is crazy! Bunch of truly great down to earth people who have fun with thier cars and even stuck a Team Function sticker on my car! I’m not even allowed in Jason and Duke’s team and they’re my best friends lol. There were a lot of cool cars to check out but hanging with them was definately the highlight of my day. After the meet we rolled down to the hood to take some pictures and buy crack, I’ll have them up later this week. Let’s take a look at the stats for the day:

cars: 35 ish

people: around 50 maybe

beautifully done turbo K swaps: 2

J swaps: 1

friends made: lots!

homeless kittens abducted from the ghetto: 1

stickers sold: 1

Yea, little disappointed by that last one. I had a big sign on my window about the Melissa Project along with the stickers but only sold 1. Thank you dude whoever you were! It’s all good, it’s $5 we didn’t have yesterday, and that’s what counts. If I have to stand 4 hours in the cold to sell each and every one I’ll do it with a smile on my face.

So shut up and get to the pix already!

If you’re at Import Alliance next weekend be sure to check out Brian’s graffiti hatch, well, you probably won’t have a choice, it tends to stand out!

OH fall meet 04

OH fall meet 10

Duke’s daily was in full winter rally mode


I finally had a chance to meet Tim, super cool guy, very knowledgeable and passionate about the cars he builds, this is his torque monster J32 swapped Integra


these 2 turbo K setups were sick in person

OH fall meet 01

OH fall meet 16

OH fall meet 17

the wheels on this car were beautiful in person

OH fall meet 02

this coupe was sooooo low

OH fall meet 05

OH fall meet 06

if I remember right this car is a turbo F series

OH fall meet 07

more turbo coupes

OH fall meet 18

pix DO NOT do this S2K justice what so ever

OH fall meet 15

Cool story about the guy with this widebody turbo NSX, he took his car off his trailer and drove it 150+ miles home from Import Alliance so he could trailer a fellow enthusiast’s car home that broke down. Considering the amount of very high dollar carbon fiber sitting 2 inches off the ground on this car, that really says something, much respect!

OH fall meet 08

OH fall meet 14

OH fall meet 20

OH fall meet 13

Amazing Hatchies @ Meet

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And some killer photography from TWOLITRE media