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Speaking of White Outs

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3.7 Liter S2000

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How very unexpected, built by Honda Performance Development using the J37 V6 from the TL SH-AWD. It’s a CR too. An S2000 chassis was used as a test mule in developing the next NSX so it kinda makes you wonder what they’re up to.

F22C Starlet

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Besides nailing that timeless aggressive look with it’s fender mirrors, TRD wide body, and Work Equip 03s, how much of a riot would this thing be to thrash on!

Family Tradition

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Fall on Fire

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Vicodin? I Like-a-din!

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Today didn’t exactly go as planned, I threw my back out hardcore, I got through work but I can only stand and walk at about a 60 degree angle and I’m listing hard to starboard. Luckily I got in with a doctor after work who wasn’t stingy with the pain meds. The ironic part of the whole ordeal was I missed tonight’s episode of House because I was waiting on my vicodin. (if you don’t watch the show House is a doctor who’s hooked on vicodin) Anyway, while I get my mellow on you guys can get your yellow on, and a big thanks to Nick for placing a sticker order today! Wassup!






I’m glad Nick mentioned AZHT, I hadn’t checked it out before and it looks like a great site…..for me to steal pix from muah ha ha ha!

Rolling on Sunshine

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You like? I think I like. I’m kinda picky about S2Ks, I only like them if they’re hardtopped. My friend Larry picked a red one up about 6 months ago, mild drop, Volks, and exhaust. Yea, it’s a really neat car, yea it will walk all over my shitbox hatches without breaking a sweat, but I’m not in love with them. I was expecting to have my mind blown when I drove it and… Fun, good looking, just don’t think it’s “me” enough to own one. Not in the budget either lol. Oh well, ramble ramble, this one’s pretty damn nice.




Just a Great Shot

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S2000 Rumors

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Given the current state of affairs in the automotive industry it probably didn’t come as a shock a few months ago that Honda has abandoned the NSX replacement and retired the S2000. The CRZ however is still on track for a 2010 launch. I posted a while ago that if it came out I would seriously look into selling both my hatches to get into one so it might be time to stop dumping money into them. But from the ashes and for better or worse Japan’s Best Car Magazine is reporting that Honda is moving ahead with development of an S2000 replacement, although for the purists it may only be an S2000 by name, not spirit. It’s said to be a 2+2 coupe, hybrid powered, and using Honda’s SH-AWD system. None of this however is confirmed by Honda.


F20C swapped EK

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I think there is a rear drive F20C powered EK in the states, but this one is a front drive swap from Italy. I just quickly scanned the build thread (in Italian) and from what I can tell he’s using either K swap or custom mounts, a K series tranny with custom adapter plate, and a modified EK to K header. Not sure what he’s using for axles. Sometime when I have more time to kill I’ll go through all 47 pages translated.















and she runs