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CTRs at Daikoku Futo

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Great shot from Remix

Blue Garage

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Gymkhana bred Type R

and yes, they push HARD

I’m sure I’ll take a lot of heat for this, but this is JDM, not how rare your wheels are.

Seeker EK9

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Siomz asked in the comments if I had a full pic of the Seeker EK9, this is the only one I have, I assume it’s the car with the V2 wing on it, but I haven’t seen any pix of it with the V2. There’s also a red EK on their site but the pic is so small I can’t tell if it has a V2 on it or not


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Have I seen this bumper before? Something about it seems kind of familiar but I can’t for the life of me remember who makes it. Not what the typical american expects to see in a photo of a CTR at a track day in Japan.

The Warrior Code

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Part of racing is taking the car right to the edge and then trying to go just a little bit beyond that edge, sometimes the results are glory, sometimes the results are some bent sheet metal. Westhill always pushes 110% . This is the second car I’ve heard of being wrecked with a Melissa sticker on it, I hope they’re not bad luck! Yoshitomo and crew will be coming back stronger than ever!


Across the Pond

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Import Alliance Fall ’09

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import alliance 17

import alliance 18

import alliance 21

import alliance 05

import alliance 10

import alliance 20

import alliance 07

import alliance 12

import alliance 13

import alliance 26

import alliance 27

import alliance 14

import alliance 06

Itasha EK9 CTR

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Another one of those trends my inner ricer thinks is fun, but that I wouldn’t do to my own car. What’s funny is your average tuner in the states would cry rice if they saw this, but this is as JDM as it gets. At some point somebody needs to do a good in depth study of how and why everything considered rice these days like body kits, wings, neons, etc all have their roots firmly in Japan, yet the hard line JDM crowd frowns so sternly upon these things. And don’t get me started on the USDM movement in Japan where they immitate us immitating them (see USDM Jam), there’s probably a cultural studies doctoral thesis in there somewhere.

itasha civic


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I’ve had fish tanks since I was a tiny little kid, just always had a thing for keeping fish. For a while I was breeding a few different cichlid species and bettas for extra money on the side but these days I just keep a couple of large display tanks. So you can understand why I love this valve cover so much, it’s just so great and surprisingly pretty accurate.


The rest of the car is just as beautifully tropical, clean white with sunny yellow Volk TE37s along with a JUN wing you don’t see very often.


Oh So Classic

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Another great shoot from TWOLITRE Media

ek j 002

ek j 003

ek j 007

ek j 005

ek j 001

ek j 004

ek j 008

I love this last shot, it really gives you a feel for the J’s wing that you don’t normally get from pictures