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are for pussies

GoodGuys Invade Orange County

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While the import guys were having thier fun at Eibach, GoodGuys were doing thier thing in the OC, everything from gassers to kustoms, rats to pro tourers

Rad Rat

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Rat Rod VW MKI

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I’ve had a lot of rat rod VWs on here, maybe the term hood ride fits them better, but there’s no denying this is truly a rat rod VW.

rat rod vw 06

rat rod vw 02

rat rod vw 03

rat rod vw 04

rat rod vw 00

Bumped into an old friend

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I first saw this car on the local Craigslist about 2 years ago, it was the first time I had seen a “hot rod” styled Honda and I loved it. I’ve always had a very deep appreciation for hot rods, muscle cars, sleds, etc and I love it when people cross pollinate ideas from different “scenes”. I thought about posting it in the past but the Craigslist pix were really small and poor quality but much to my surprise I ran across these shots of it today, you can really see the influence from the mini truck scene as well, good stuff.



1958 Honda Civic

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Retro / hot rod / rat rod EK coupe, a real love it or hate it. Personally I really like the rat rod theme applied to newer cars but this one comes off as a little too John Deere for me. Satin black with red or green wheels and wide whites would be my choice if it were my car but a big thumbs up to the originality. Beautiful pinstripe work.


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This thing just oozes detail and craftsmanship beyond words. Hot rod build inspired by a 1927 Volvo OV4 “Jakob”, it’s almost a study in contrasts; it stays incredibly true to the original car while being 100% hot rod, and yet looks very modern and contemporary. Drink in all the details like the completely hidden suspension, the led tails incorporated into the rear diff, and those cool floating disc brakes. Built by Lief Tufvesson, it rides on a carbon fiber chassis, has a completely hand formed aluminum body and is motivated by a Volvo T5 powerplant.