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Still in Shock

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I can’t believe Pete is dead. I grew up on a steady diet of Type O Negative, thier music, going to concerts when they were in the area and loving every minute of it. Thier music saw me through some very difficult times in my life so they are very personal to me. For the younger guys, Peter Steele was Type O Negative’s singer/bass player and you have to put thier music into context with what they were doing and when. Thier album Bloody Kisses came out when there was really just 2 different kinds of  “metal”; you had Poison and Crue doing 3 minutes songs about chicks and partying and hardcrore bands trying to see who could play the fastest. Type O changed the game entirely doing these 10 minute dark orchestral epic songs of mortality, spiritual emptiness, and theological uncertainty with hugely layered and rich production. No band before or since has played so heavy but slow and so beautiful but dark at the same time. Pete died last week and it’s had me pretty depressed.

Nick Nguyen’s EG : Art in Motion

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Nick was cool enough to get in touch with me and say he had a car he thought might be right up my alley, turns out Nick knows me pretty damn well because I absolutely love his all up in your face EG. Even though I was hooked at first sight and mikemark5 took some stunningly beautiful shots of it, I bet this is one you have to see in person to take in all the details and just stare at. At first glance you may think it’s all about the masterfully done grafitti but nothing’s been left untouched and the mod list is impressive; starting with a B18b1 block Nick added Type R pistons, GSR cam, ported and polished B16 head and backed it up with a GSR tranny with a stage 2 clutch and a Spoon chipped ECU.  And the list goes on;  Samco hoses,  Yowai  intake and cooling plate,  ceramic DC 4-1 header, Skunk2 control arms and camber kits, GodSpeed X Brace, Sparco seats, Momo wheel, hub and e-brake handle, Spoon mirrors, and of course those Auto Strada wheels. I’ve only seen one other Honda on them and as far as I know they were never originally offered in white. I’m not gonna try and do the artwork justice with my words, I’ll let you just drink it all in for yourself, try not to let God Raideen distract you too much.

I’d like to thank Nick for the priviledge of sharing his car with my readers, it’s cars like this and enthusiasts with Nick’s kind of attitude that keep me inspired, in his email he said “never give up, be original and don’t be afraid to be yourself”. AMEN!

Nick would also like to thank his, girl, his son, all his friends for thier help and support and most of all his father and God for making it all possible. Personally, I think we all need to stop and take a moment from time to time even when things are at thier worst and thank God for the blessings we all have that we tend to take for granted.

Shout outs to WEK’SOS, Stance Works, Memory Fab, and JDM Land for thier contributions to make Nick’s vision a reality.


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So the secret’s out, trends and styling ques traditionally associated with the VW crowd have dominated the Honda scene the last year or so, but a Harlequin? I don’t think anybody saw that one coming.

The Pig Rig

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I’m sure you’re familiar with the 24 Hours of LeMons, this humble ’91 Accord is a LeMons veteran that now runs in the Chump Car World Series where it recently won it’s first 14 hour event at Rockingham. Just like in the LeMons series, the spending limit for enties is $500 including car purchase price. Safety equipment is not included in that price for obvious reasons. Cheap, reliable, and easy to make quick, it’s the epitome of why most of us got into Hondas in the first place, which pretty much makes this our poster child.

and a vid of it walking it’s way through half the field at Rockingham in one lap

Straight Dope Status EF

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Love it

WagoVans Getting Well Deserved Respect

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Nice Little EG

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He Loves His Teggy

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and so do I

Back from the Show

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AWESOME night!

Later Y’all!

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Now I’m no big country music fan, you’re much  more likely to catch me listening to Pantera, old school thrash, Slayer, Faith No More, etc. But I am a big fan of hot redneck chicks with attitude so I’m taking a long weekend and going to Cincinnati with Tina to see Miranda Lambert. I can’t think of anything I need more right now than to just skip town and forget who I am for a little bit and Miranda’s been on my radar for a while now. Unlike a lot of country artists she actually writes her own songs and a good 60% of them are about shooting somebody or beating up some other chick. HOT. She was even voted Esquire Magazine’s “Most Terrifying Woman” in 2009. EVEN HOTTER. So gonna go rub elbows with the hillbillies and raise some hell, probably be back Saturday.

Oh but a word of caution, as alluring as they may be, never marry a hot redneck chick with attitude, that’s why I have an ex wife, but that’s whole other post lol!