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Making History : Longest Blog Post Ever

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bandwidth check! 100mbs coming at you…

I finally got a day where I could just lay around and watch Moto GP
and catch up with some old friends, so I figured why not catch up with
my old friends here. Wassup all my old pals Karsten, UK Phil, Johnny,
Slappy, Freddy, Banpei, Nick and CrazuKnights, Rolling Republic and
the whole crew at Club xB. I haven’t forgotten about y’all, you guys
saved my friends life!
I’m just gonna ramble about random stuff I’ve run across lately,
nothing that hasn’t already been on the forums or other blogs, that
wouldn’t be very Hatch Life of me now would it?
First today started with this, the single craziest thing I’ve ever seen, seriously click it

WTF DUDE come on over!!!
seriously how crazy is that?
I wonder what gave me away

Then my buddy Cliff blew my mind

Pretty crazy day so far.

I had a little get together a while ago, unfortunately it wasn’t long
before the facilities were rendered temporarily out of service. Here’s
a little tip from me to you; if you remove the blood BEFORE calling a
plumber, you will avoid the extra $250 biohazard disposal fee.

So on with the car porn….
Couple of awesome builds I’ve ran across lately

As for my own build, nothing new to report except new wheels for the
red car. I was realllllly close to getting Axis Sakuras, as seen on
Greg’s kick ass xB next to the always fresh Dennis Dizzle

but went with Stance Emotions, they feel lighter than my Rota HM3s
despite being an inch wider, maybe it’s just me. Gonna have to roll the rears.

Got fabulous service and pricing from Element Wheels

Speaking of xBs bB Squad has been holding it down

this one more than any other one I’ve seen makes me want to get one someday

So what else, I’ve decided if I ever have an S13 coupe it will
definately get flares rather than over fenders

and that box flares on Foxbodies will always be sexy

and that my next mod will definately be rear air horns

But I’m seriously thinking about a Miata, I’ve lost a lot of weight
over the past year and can now get in them real comfy

But Lord help me I’ve kinda been diggin on Yugos lately

Been thinking about how our buddy Jason’s cars fit into the whole “stance” thing

Also been wondering why you don’t see more EL/Domani fronted hatches,
they’ve got a really interesting look

I always love to see people having fun with random body panels

I’ve decided these are my two favorite e-famous cars to date, Mike and Yuta

and that this is my personal favorite EG to date, I mean I am seriously fucking infatuated with it.

Speaking of which some great new blogs have popped up be sure to check
some of my favs Kyusha Kai and Private Runners

Best article of the year goes to…

Some gorgeous Jaguar renderings I ran across a while back

Some more cool random stuff

Beefy Stance!

I will never get tired of tripodding

I am LOVING this whole USDM phenomena, and the fact that it has
completed another circle! I think the Japanese are better at copying
us than we are at copying them.

full circle!

Hopefully we’ll see some more Odyssey love come out of it

Temple Racing/Osaka JDM always running hard

Akebono always stylish

And while everyone was searching for the perfect stance, these two
dudes, you know who they are, quietly slipped under the radar as they
perfected the whole “Form Follows Function” philosophy. True JDM circuit bred EKs.

I also love seeing pure Euro style applied to japanese cars

This is pretty much exactly what my backyard would look like if I won
the lottery

The engine bay war continues to escalate almost as rapidly as the
stance war, resulting in some magnificent fabrication

I still have a lot of respect for the “I don’t give a fuck” swagger of some cars

Ohio always reppin’

Speaking of Ohio cars I spotted this on one of my fav sites Just a Car
and instantly recognized it as the “mystery car” I grew up down
the street from. Turns out it’s a one off built by some excentric
wierd crazy genius hermit dude. Check out the whole story

While we’re getting all personal here, and for the curious types, yes I am still madly in love with Miranda Lambert and Ice Road Trucker Lisa Kelly

I’ve been getting not so gentle urges to acquire a Midori at some point

This rendering caught my eye the other day

Cool little MKI

Viscious EK

I would so love to clean this up and hang it on my living room wall

I love some of the great more creatively free and fun builds lately

and some builds you just gotta wonder how the owners are still alive

I’m usually not huge on newer Preludes but man these two are just killing it

Killer sedan

Amazing Supra

When was the last time you saw a nice contemporary looking SVX?

this is just nuts

God Bless the Bosozoku

I was looking for this picture of House grafitti and found a pic of my
best friend Julie, and also a perfect representation of what it’s like
to be a car enthusiast in Ohio in December

and even one of the infamous Super Duke

So here it is, what are the odds that I’m such a fan of grafitti and
House? This is awesome

Alright, til next time kids

StripLot W108

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This one just slaps you right in the face when you first see it, and it’s proven to be one of those cars that tend to people at odds with each other. They either love everything about it or think the car has been forever ruined and is tacky as hell. I dunno man, I absolutely love it, it looks like a ton of planning and work went into it, somebody definantly had a vision when they took on this project. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t love it if it was olive drab with chrome blazin though. What I especially love are the original alloys being made into 3 piece stunners, I’ve only seen this on a couple other cars, that brown wagovan with the RT AWD rebarreled steelies, and the dude who made 3 piece Ronal Bears come to mind, not that Bears are OEM but making a one piece alloy into a three piece blows my mind. Maybe that’s gonna be the next big thing. Rare JDM was and still is huge, offset with custom hardware and lips exploded a couple years ago, the powder coaters and dippers have stepped up their game, maybe one-off wheels like these are the next step.

Roll of the Dice

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Stuff like this can be so hit or miss, it has the potential be yummy or completely retarded. I really like this.

Ths Guy Gets It

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2 Great Tastes

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Tasting great together


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Yes Yaris

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These are growing on me more and more lately, for some reason I like the whole VIP thing on smaller cars rather than big body Lexuses and such. I’m just weird that way I guess.

Now with More BLUE

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A lot of people diss this car, I guess it’s one of those love it or hate it EKs because¬† it was built to the owner’s vision with lots of custom one off stuff rather than the typical just put as much JDM/rare stuff as possible on it. Personally I’ve always been a big fan of it, I featured it before right here, although I don’t think it’s a supercharged D series anymore. Anyway, I just saw it got some new kicks and I’m digging them, 15×9 +0

Dumped Clubman

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Never really gave Clubmans a second look until I saw this one.


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I keep a folder on my desktop of all the stuff I run across that could be a potential blog post. I’ve had a certain black xB in there for a little while now, just waiting for me to find the right way to show it off, well this time the right way found me. Punkhop83 left a comment about this EG I posted, turns out it belonged to a good friend of his,¬† along with the comment was a link to his Flickr and it turns out he owns the black xB and there was a bunch of awesome pix of it in there! Small world or what? I love the stance, the rear window and the wheel graphics.