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Now THAT is a Lot of S13s

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The Moment

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Every now and then a rare photo comes along that does more than just capture a moment in time, it manages to encapsulate an entire scene. Maybe it’s just me but this one delivers.


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I’m just gonna say it, I think I’d take the S12. If you’ve been following Hatch Life for a while you know I’ve thought S12s are an under appreciated future cult classic, and this one really pulls off the classic panda scheme.



Rodeo Style

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It goes by many names; Tra Kyoto, 6666, Rocket Bunny, FourSix Garage, GT Rodeo Special. It’s the S13 that caught everybodies attention, the aero so many Silvia owners want, but for some reason nobody can buy. And of course, if you’ve been hunting these aero parts you know Tra-Kyoto is home of the most useless business website ever lol. Since all you ever see are the infamous gas station shots and a few pix of the black UK drift car I was surprised to run across these shots of an unstickered full aero customer car. RB26 swapped and riding on Work VS-XXS. It pains me to say anything bad about this car, but it needs dumped on it’s nuts.

6666 Rocket Bunny 008

6666 Rocket Bunny 001

6666 Rocket Bunny 000

6666 Rocket Bunny 002

6666 Rocket Bunny 006

6666 Rocket Bunny 004

6666 Rocket Bunny 005

Love it or Hate it S13

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I’m so used to seeing drift S chassis cars with wild aero that this one stuck out to me. I’m no Silvia guru but I don’t recognize the front bumper it all,  almost gives the front clip a 2G RX-7 vibe. It probably makes the S13 nuts cringe but I dig it.





Super nice S13

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I’m loving this car minus the mirrors and maybe the hood. I’m no Silvia expert but the aero seems very reminiscent of the Rocket Bunny / 6666 Customs kit.

Slick S13

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I love this S13, I’m so used to seeing them with overfenders and ground scraping aero this one looks fresh as hell with it’s stripped down look and flares.

kick ass

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Shark nosed S13. Tits!

Lowy Go

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Back in the good old days in simpler times tucking tire was the shit. Then you had to be tucking rim, admit it; we all have some cut springs in our past. Now it’s all about over fenders, extensive rolling and pulling and the flushness. So what’s next? Cutting hoods to clear tires and raised shock towers? I have some mixed emotions about this one, my first reaction was “hardcore!” but now I’m starting to think if it catches on it leans a little too far toward the mini truck side of  mods.

6666 Customs

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Seriously, who doesn’t lust after the 6666 Customs Rocket Bunny Silvia. Thier MKII Golf isn’t nearly as well known but every bit as sick.

Wheels are Tra-Kyoto Napalm

Hard as hell

I love the ducktail instead of the usual GT wing