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The Blog; She Awakens

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for now…your moment of Zen from our friends at Osaka JDM Temple Racing

1400th Post

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…and it’s Track Whore time!

Hatch Life X WestHill Motorsport

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You regulars will know our friend Yoshitomo from WestHill Motorsports, he’s a true grassroots racer and a hard core Honda enthusiast. His shop is located just west of Mount Tsukuba, his shop and cars were severly damaged or lost in the events of March, the current government estimate is 10 years for full recovery. Our friend, supporter, and fellow enthusiast will be making a very special offer via Hatch Life in an attempt to break into the North American market and get back on his feet. You guys remember the trick gauge pod they hooked me up with?

We will be making these available for $190 shipped from Japan. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll be getting for your hard earned paper

Each one is hand made by Mr. Yoshitomo Nishioka, owner/operator of WestHill in the shadow of Mount Tsukuba, is that enough JDM cred for you?

They come loaded and wired with 45mm ProSport gauges; water temp, oil press, oil temp

We even have you covered on the exposed screws

Empty ones will also be available if you would like to do a A/F, boost, etc setup

If you are interested I can email you the 9 page step by step illustrated install manual that comes with each gauge pod in MS Word format

Personally, I love mine, the peace of mind of having an oil pressure gauge, it does away with those awful A pillar pods, and it’s just an elegant, unique, and useful addition to the car.

This is just the initial post, I’ll be receiving a sample in the mail this week to take pix of any detail you would like to get a better look at, and more details will follow regarding options, right now EK is confirmed, EG and DC Integra I’m waiting to hear about.

Hatch Life will not be making 1 cent off these! Feel free to email me anytime, it’s my honor to be a part of this.

I even put it in the JDMego font for you guys lol, I miss ya Jay

Truly AMAZING Photography

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And I’m not trying to be overly dramatic, big brass balls man.

Best of the Week VDub Edition

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If you guys aren’t checking out the cool peeps in the blogroll you’re missing out. This week Full Lock showed us this breath taking image. This is framed and hanging in my house worthy.

Hella IV found these glow in the dark BBS RS. Glow in the dark BBS! How much more win do you need than that?

and from Bang Shift comes a treasure of a find, every kind of automotive online calculator you could ever need and probably a bunch you’ll never need unless you’re an engineer. Click on through to Wallace Racing to marvel in them all

The Warrior Code

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Part of racing is taking the car right to the edge and then trying to go just a little bit beyond that edge, sometimes the results are glory, sometimes the results are some bent sheet metal. Westhill always pushes 110% . This is the second car I’ve heard of being wrecked with a Melissa sticker on it, I hope they’re not bad luck! Yoshitomo and crew will be coming back stronger than ever!


KW Berg Trophy Hill Climb

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You’re about to fall in love with box flares on an EF all over again. First a little music to set the mood.




















nope, you’re not crazy, it’s center steer

Westhill Motorsports

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I first wrote about Westhill Motorsports when their great gauge pod caught my eye here. Since then Mr. Yoshitomo Nishioka from Westhill has been kind enough to follow the Hatch Life blog and I’m very honored! He speaks english very well and tells me they ship all over the world so if you are interested in their product line which includes the gauge pods, tow hooks, upgraded cooling and suspension parts as well as custom circuit gear visit them at All of their products are circuit engineered as Westhill is a very enthusiatic and successful competitor in Civic cup racing, fielding a pair of EK9s.

Westhill Motorsports 17

Westhill Motorsports 15

Westhill Motorsports 02

Westhill Motorsports 05

Westhill Motorsports 13

Westhill Motorsports 10

Westhill Motorsports 04

Westhill Motorsports 08

Westhill Motorsports 09

Westhill Motorsports 03

Westhill Motorsports 01

Track Whores part 16

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Since yesterday’s post was about a FUCKING WHORE it reminded me it was probably time for a Hatch Life Track Whores post.

ek track 14

ek track 08

ek track 10

ek track 11

ek track 12

ek track 07

ek track 09

ek track 13

ek track 15

ek track 06

Track Whores pt 15 Hi Res Edition

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