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The MAT 308s

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I’m not much of a Ferrari fan, or any “supercar” really. They’re just overkill to the point of being vulgar to me. Older cars are different though, I can’t explain it, they just have a cool nostalgia to them, and you have to remember that a stock 308’s stats are not that impressive by today’s standards, 250hp and 0-60 in the high 6 second range. You don’t see hardtop 308 Berlinettas often, especially ones that are being put into rally duty. To say these are purpose built from the ground up is almost an understatement. They were built by Makela Auto Tuning and really sowcase their fabrication skills and dedication to detail, check their site for hundreds of pix of their builds, it’s worth it.

Let’s Go Rallying!

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By BFF Duke has caught the rally bug and has been wanting to do some TSD (time/speed/distance) rallies. Maybe even as a stepping stone to actual RALLY rallies. I did a TSD event with the local organization CORC about 10 years ago and I can tell you two things; it’s much harder on the car than you think it’s going to be, and without a rally computer it’s pretty much impossible to be competitive. But it was definately fun despite my ex wife being more dead weight than navigator. In preparation for this Duke has decided that when his ’98 hatch gets put into winter mode it will include some big oversized mudflaps and a four pot light pod out front. It’s sounds crazy, but you should know by now I like crazy. So yada yada I’ve been looking around at some rally stuff today, first up I found this DA Integra with some (imo) really nicely incorporated rally lights.


Next I found this Insight campaigned by Oaktek in the UK. It’s a former class champion despite being a 1000cc car in a 1300cc class and they have done a lot of work to get more power out of the hybrid setup. The kicker is next season they plan on running it purely on cow manure. Oh yea, shit. From cows. And not just any old manure, fermented manure. Seriously, don’t believe me, read the article.





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Our prayers have been answered, I just read that Discovery Channel’s HD Theater will be airing all WRC events starting this October! How fucking awesome is this! I hope they bring back Nicky Grist as a commentator. Fuck you Speed TV!


Track Whores : Extra Dirty Edition

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EK Mugen Wing : Adjustable Element

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Sick. I’ve never seen this before, it’s either a really cool custom piece or an uber rare adjustable Mugen wing. The adjustable angle of attack for the element is just like the Mugen EP3 wing so I could believe it being genuine, if not the owner did a really nice job modifying it in a very “Mugen-like” fashion. I stared at these pix for so long before I figured out it was the same car lol.



Czech It

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Skoda Fabia S2000 (or Super 2000), killer little rally bred 4 door hatch, rumor is there will be a street version called the VRS late this year released as a 2010 model. Normally aspirated 280hp 4 cylinder, 6 speed sequential box, all wheel drive with 3 mechanical differentials. Sign me up!






1 Corner, 2 Minutes, 14 Crashes

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The locals seem to really get a kick out of this, damn I miss WRC on Speed channel.


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Do I like this STI? I’m really torn here, I like that it’s got a rally inspired vibe to it and that it’s unique, I’m just not sure about the execution. The wheels don’t jive with the rally theme. I’m gonna have to think about this.



Track Whores pt3

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This time it’s EKs seeing rally duty