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Since I pay taxes, which are being used to keep GM afloat, I thought I’d spend some time on Camaro5 today and see how the flagship model of my quality, built in America, baseball, apple pie, Nascar, unionized and baptised newly acquired company is being received. And the news was, well, pretty much what I expected. Here’s the cliffs notes on the new Camaro from the owners;

  • Because of some unexplained possibly noise and/or vibration issue all new Camaros come equipped with 2 wheel weights stuck on thier brake calipers. Classy.


  • Because of 2nd gear synchros failing V6 manual tranny cars are delayed
  • At least one guy who preordered his new Camaro through the R6P program (kind of like a modern COPO) was told by the dealer he couldn’t take delivery when his car arrived. At least not without paying an $8000 premium over sticker that was never discussed. He walked away.
  • Damaged cars being delivered, this is what greeted one new owner who showed up to take delivery. Yes, that’s duct tape covering the hole where his rear view mirror should be.


  • With 5000 units built the first recall has already been issued after one car only made it 40 miles off the lot before the battery cable wore through from rubbing on the starter. 40 miles? 40 miles. GM let’s you choose between a “temporary” or “permanent” fix. Did you really just lay out the cash for a brand new car to select a “temporary” fix?

So, that’s what we get for our money. Not just Camaro owners, ALL tax payers. If a company, any company, ascribes to a faulty business model, builds inferior products, or just plain old can’t survive in the market place, it will eventually cease to exist. When you interfere with that basic principle nothing good can come of it. Nothing. Nature has a perfect engine to keep from getting stuck in such a dead end cycle, it’s called Natural Selection. But I guess they don’t teach that in school anymore in Nascar territory.

Besides, the new Camaro is fucking ugly anyway.

Dock Block

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I think every car manufacturer worth noting has now announced production cuts, but inspite of that they still have massive amounts of unsold inventory. Check out these incredible pix of just how bad things are.

Unsold cars litter the Nissan test track


150 acres of Toyotas with no place to go in Long Beach


Newark, NJ ports are over flowing as well


and it’s not just a US problem, Sheerness open storage area in the UK at capacity


Hondas awaiting export in Tokyo


Port of Valencia Spain jammed with unsold cars


Peugeots sit at the port of Civitavecchia with no buyers



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The Big Three aren’t the only ones being affected by the economic and auto industry slow down, other companies are taking proactive steps to ensure their future, unlike the Big Three who just spend money like Whitney Houston in a crack house and then beg for tax payers to bail them out over and over again. Here’s the latest rundown of what I’ve managed to piece together;

Honda: Dropped their entire F1 program and have cancelled the new NSX

Audi: Withdrawn from both American and European Le Mans series

Mazda: American Le Mans program dropped

Porsche: American Le Mans program dropped

Subaru: WRC program dropped

Suzuki: WRC program dropped

Aston Martin: Unspecified cutbacks and so far will only commit to the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Tough times indeed


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from Jalopnik:

“… enthusiasts sites are usually a good resource for companies and deserve to be treated with respect and, who knows, maybe even ask them for an opinion from time to time. But apparently Ford doesn’t think so, because, recently, several enthusiasts sites recieved letters from Howard, Phillips and Andersen legal firm requiring the relinquishment of all Ford trademarks including domain names, banners, signs and merchandise. But that’s not all, because they also demand a $5,000 restitution payment by December 19th. In case the site owners refuse to do what Ford asks, they risk a $100,000 lawsuit. Oh boy, Ford really must need money if they started taking it from the people who love them. The official reason Ford gave was the the unofficial use of their trademarked names are damaging. Some of the websites that got these letters are Mustang Evolution and Michigan Mustang.”



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