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Couple trends I’m on the fence about. I love seeing people try different things more than anybody, these are kind of interesting and I think need to be judged on a car by car basis rather thatn just by the style as a whole. First up is Dayton style wires on euros. I’m kind of tainted on this one, for me wires belong on Jaguar E Types and lowriders, but I can see how and why the europeans view them differently.

Next is stickered body panels, this one really depends on the car so much. I’ve seen it on some Hondas and it really just didn’t appeal to me at all, but on this xB and the IS300 in particular, I think they wear it quite well.

From Behind

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On some cars, there’s something just magical about being able to see what color wheels are on it while standing directly behind it. Beautiful Audi.






Urban Duty

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After sweating my balls off waxing my daily today I think this will be my next mod. Fully bedlined Audi A4, owner claims he can beat it with a wrench and stab it with a screw driver and not leave a mark. No more dings, chips, waxing, etc is sounding pretty good to me right now.

bedliner audi 04

bedliner audi 07

bedliner audi 08

bedliner audi 09

bedliner audi 06

Salvage Title Easter Egg

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Saw this today on English Russia and had to share, I’ll paraphrase;

Dude spots car on used car website and purchases said car for $13K. Screenshot


He notices one of the door speakers doesn’t work and pulls the door panel off. Dude finds a note reading

“Dear friend,
Thanks for buying my car. Just some time before I sold it I got into an accident driving this car. Don’t worry I am ok and the car was insured. So I’ve got the money from insurance company then went to scrap metal site and found everything I needed. Bit from there bit from everywhere and I’ve got all things I needed (see photos). Then I welded everything into one piece. And here it is, almost like new.”

Included with the note were the following pictures







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The Big Three aren’t the only ones being affected by the economic and auto industry slow down, other companies are taking proactive steps to ensure their future, unlike the Big Three who just spend money like Whitney Houston in a crack house and then beg for tax payers to bail them out over and over again. Here’s the latest rundown of what I’ve managed to piece together;

Honda: Dropped their entire F1 program and have cancelled the new NSX

Audi: Withdrawn from both American and European Le Mans series

Mazda: American Le Mans program dropped

Porsche: American Le Mans program dropped

Subaru: WRC program dropped

Suzuki: WRC program dropped

Aston Martin: Unspecified cutbacks and so far will only commit to the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Tough times indeed

Opportunity Knocks

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A breathtaking collection of Rally cars for sale, trust me you should click this link

Morris&Welford Rally Collection For Sale

Bosozuko Audi

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NOT !!!