I keep a folder on my desktop of all the stuff I run across that could be a potential blog post. I’ve had a certain black xB in there for a little while now, just waiting for me to find the right way to show it off, well this time the right way found me. Punkhop83 left a comment about this EG I posted, turns out it belonged to a good friend of his,  along with the comment was a link to his Flickr and it turns out he owns the black xB and there was a bunch of awesome pix of it in there! Small world or what? I love the stance, the rear window and the wheel graphics.

5 Responses to “Timing”

  1. cool man.. thx for the love!

  2. blackscionxb Says:

    Wai to go Nic. Git er’ dun…….

  3. […] are the Chances? Remember the “Small World” moment I had last week? It happened again and it’s so freaky, the blue EF on hydros I posted […]

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