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I keep a folder on my desktop of all the stuff I run across that could be a potential blog post. I’ve had a certain black xB in there for a little while now, just waiting for me to find the right way to show it off, well this time the right way found me. Punkhop83 left a comment about this EG I posted, turns out it belonged to a good friend of his,  along with the comment was a link to his Flickr and it turns out he owns the black xB and there was a bunch of awesome pix of it in there! Small world or what? I love the stance, the rear window and the wheel graphics.

From Behind

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On some cars, there’s something just magical about being able to see what color wheels are on it while standing directly behind it. Beautiful Audi.







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(sĭn’ər-jē) noun

The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

In other words the Top Gear so called X Factor

The vast majority would quickly dismiss this car as a thrown together heap, but there’s just something about it. I look at it and to me it’s just oozing attitude and aggression. I can’t explain it. I just love it, it is what it is; a bad ass street fighter. I know for a fact if I put a couple primered body panels on my red hatch it would not be nearly this cool so what the hell is it? It is running a very aggressive wheel/tire package, fronts are 16×9.5 +35 with 245/35/16 rears are 16×8.5 +39 with 215/40/16 plus 5mm spacers.






Rubber Bands

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Nankang is rolling out their NS2 Ultra Sports in an unbelievable 165/35/17. Even on a modest 17×7 the stretch is gonna be ridiculous. I wouldn’t roll em but I would like to see them mounted just for kicks.