Bosozuko James Takes it to the Next Level

In case you’re not familiar with James’ Yellow Sub you can check out my original post about it right here. I wouldn’t want you to get it confused with any other Xbs out there running 15×13 -119 Ronals and sky high takeyari exhaust pipes. James was cool enough to forward me some info on his latest bosozuko mod, a full on shark nose! Oh how I dream of owning a shark nosed, slammed and flared car someday. I really admire James’ commitment to going all out in his quest to build a true bosozuko car in the US, especially with the set back of encountering some road debris where the Sub suffered some fairly major body damage. And he’s not done by a long shot, the next phase will blow your mind! Thanks James, The Yellow Sub is a permanent VIP here at Hatch Life!






7 Responses to “Bosozuko James Takes it to the Next Level”

  1. oh no he didnt! no seriously though, that’ll look sick when it gets paint

  2. This guy keeps pushing the envelope for Scions here. People will either love or hate his car. Thats the beauty of it.

  3. […] After James‘ generous offer to donate to The Melissa Project, I went and had some xB stickers cut today. […]

  4. […] Stickers are Here Thanks entirely to the incredible generosity of Hatch Life VIP Bosozoku James bB Hearts are now available. Like all other Melissa Project stickers $5ea or 2 for $9 shipped […]

  5. […] that person. This thank you is definately the latter. Thank you to Club xB and the admins there, James, Cliff, Joe, Sakura, Casey, Sakada, Mati, Abel, Elias, Ton, AJ, Dustin, Viktor, Jose and the […]

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