Yellow Sub

Thanks to Dave and xBtony for hitting me with updates on this one. I posted this box a while back when it just had the pipes and I mentioned I hoped it was the start of something big and the owner has NOT disappointed! Rears are an absolutely mind blowing 15×13 -119. Yea, let that sink in a minute. I love it because there’s no going back, you can’t just unbolt a few things and have this one back to stock in a weekend. He’s all in and not done yet, this one’s going to be crazy, and I love crazy! It clocks in at 84 inches wide, for reference a Hummer H1 is only 2 inches wider. Shouts to the gang at clubxB for keeping the fun in the car game.











11 Responses to “Yellow Sub”

  1. This car is my buddies car and i was actually in front of him in the last pic. I love this dudes car and it is amazing how many people try and talk crap about it and dont know ish about the style and they think it comes from Mexico or some crap.

    I hope the sub keeps making history!

  2. YES! U updated it! Its soo epic..and there is more to come! HAHA!

  3. i know that bakatare! hes aho, knocked down some powerpoles and some old ladys with them wheels…….. GO BOSO or go fo broke! you krazy mista! =X

  4. Daaaaamnnn….

    I like crazy. Crazy is good.

  5. this dude’s ride is craaazy mang. the looks on people’s faces while he drove by is priceless. keep up the good work. and yes he’s an asshat.

  6. East Coast Says:

    By the way, this is nowhere near finished…

  7. Hey whats up! thanks for posting my car. it’s gotten maaaad hate of several forums. So like you said about hoping that it doesnt catch on in the states i really doubt it will. The pink one you posted was parted out late last year and i bought all the wings off of it. They should be going on next month. Other future plans are smaller tires in the rear and then fiberglassing the flares and then possibly shark nosing out the hood and fenders. shoot me an email so i have your addy and i can keep you updated.

  8. i dig the ride James , it needs more …………… OOOOOOOOOYEP

  9. […] up Tire Rack and ask what 195/50/15s are on sale. When you’re building a monster like the Yellow Sub, it can get a little tricky. Hatch Life friend and supporter and all around international trend […]

  10. […] you’re not familiar with James’ Yellow Sub you can check out my original post about it right here. I wouldn’t want you to get it confused with any other Xbs out there running 15×13 -119 […]

  11. quite possibly the most ruined car i’ve ever seen. couldn’t be any worse. i understand the whole bosuzoku style but this car just flat out sucks.

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