There’s “Honda Clean”

and then there’s “VW Clean”. I love my Hondas but let’s face it, the Vdub guys have the engine bay game locked down. Yes, there have been a lot of very high quality Honda builds the last couple years since wire tucking has become so trendy, but very few on the level of some of the VWs I’ve been seeing lately. One of my pet peeves is seeing a fully tucked and detailed bay and still seeing it full of holes where things used to be and nasty seam sealer, it just seems like more VW guys take it all the way than Honda guys. I wonder if we’ll see street rod style smooth sheet metal firewalls and front tubs in the future. Just some random thoughts I had when I came across this MKI, it’s very much a “Foose style” street rod in the sense that it’s been smoothed in very simple subtle ways like tucking the bumpers in closer to the body, and in the way the overall fit and finish are to a higher standard than when it left the factory.





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