Random Post? Yes Please

Around 1995 or 96 I was dating this girl named Kim. Kim was a genuine sweet heart, full blooded italian, and had possibly the greatest, hugest breasts God in his divine wisdom ever endowed a female with. We had some great times together, I especially remember watching new X-Files episodes with her on Sunday nights. But there was a price to pay, she drove a baby blue Ford Festiva. Man did I hate riding around in that thing, I mean hated it. But I was young, kind of arrogant, and not too bright back then, I was in my full DSM snob phase. And in much the same way I didn’t fully appreciate a girl like Kim at the time, I didn’t appreciate the simple utilitarian nature of her Festiva. Seeing this one, looking like it’s getting ready to go out for an autocross run I must say, I like it, I’d rock it. Thinking back about Kim, sometimes I think, I had it, I blew it.


One Response to “Random Post? Yes Please”

  1. I’m diggin’ those headlights

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