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Hoods in the Hood

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Opus Maximus

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I can’t remember if I mentioned it here or just on Club xB, but I’ve been making a Christmas present for Melissa. I printed out the names of everyone who has contributed and all the pix I have of cars with her sticker on them, the plan was to do a collage and frame it, hopefully to remind her that she’s not facing all this alone, and partly for me, as a tribute to this amazing army of people who have played such a huge role in quite possibly saving her life. The collage idea just didn’t come together how I wanted so I ended up matting everything and I’ll get it in the frame tomorrow. The matting got pretty intricate and took forever but hopefully it came out decent, it looks better in person than my lousy pic of it, final dimensions to fit everything I wanted in it was 40×27. Billy from EZ Baked Customz tells me the incredible folks at Club xB have donated enough parts that the monthly prizes will continue through March! I’m speechless, and so humbled by the Scion community’s generosity. Stickers are $5ea, this month’s prize is a set of wheel spacers donated by Sakura and it looks like a set of ScionPro stainless steel window moldings from Digidizzle will be coming up soon so if you want to get in on the action be sure to hit up Club xB or EZ Baked Customz!


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Cars don’t make a community, it’s the people! HUGE thanks go out this week to Lisa, and to Cliff who is generously donating $5 from every sale of his custom wheel spacers. And especially Billy and everyone at EZ Baked Customz for donating the prize and raising $95 for The Melissa Project this month, is that amazing or what! Thank you to everyone who bought a sticker and congrats to our friend Dennis on winning! Some more stickers are going out to Dennis, Lenny, and Eddie tomorrow as well as AJ who is the first person so far to lose his stickers before getting to slap them on something lol. EZ Baked has a new forum they just started so be sure to get over there and register, and as always, please remember to support the shops who really do support the community and care about the people in it!


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For Tina!



xBs @ Hella Flush

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While looking through Hella Flush coverage I stumbled across our very own VIP James, along with a pair of exceptional looking xBs.






More Sticker Sightings

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You guys ROCK!









Crazy Super Mega SEMA 2009 Coverage

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All pix courtesy of teal_dx from Ohio Hondas, complete lack of 2010 Camaros and anorexic models courtesy of me lol!

SEMA 2009 36SEMA 2009 39SEMA 2009 40SEMA 2009 38SEMA 2009 37SEMA 2009 17SEMA 2009 53DSC_5300SEMA 2009 20SEMA 2009 19SEMA 2009 15SEMA 2009 56SEMA 2009 00SEMA 2009 25SEMA 2009 01SEMA 2009 26SEMA 2009 28SEMA 2009 27SEMA 2009 22SEMA 2009 50SEMA 2009 42SEMA 2009 02SEMA 2009 55SEMA 2009 52SEMA 2009 29SEMA 2009 59SEMA 2009 60SEMA 2009 58SEMA 2009 51SEMA 2009 54SEMA 2009 57SEMA 2009 33SEMA 2009 21SEMA 2009 06SEMA 2009 41SEMA 2009 31SEMA 2009 03SEMA 2009 09SEMA 2009 07SEMA 2009 04SEMA 2009 14SEMA 2009 13SEMA 2009 11SEMA 2009 49SEMA 2009 48SEMA 2009 46SEMA 2009 43SEMA 2009 44

* S A K U R A *

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This is the 977th post here at Hatch Life, but one of only maybe 3 or 4 that actually mean something, this one’s special. This one is about one of the amazing people I’ve had the priviledge of meeting through Club xB and The Melissa Project. I’ve written this one probably 5 times now, but I’ve never done the subject justice, never quite captured it’s essence so I’ll present it in Eric’s own words.

The xB/bB that we own is very special to me. My daugther Sakura has been diagnosed with ADHD and speech impediment at an early age. By the way, she will be turning 10 along with her twin brother on November 12.
Sakura with her ADHD has allowed her to help express herself by modding the xB/bB with color and style together with me. It’s kind of a Daddy and daugther project. She has learned to put word into action and create and express herself through her vehicle. I’m thankful for the time that we’ve spent together because of this ride. This vehicle not only gets us to places to go, yet it has brought both Sakura and myself closer together and to work together regardless of what circumstances that may come our way. Yes, car does move people in many ways.
By the way, Sakura means Cherry Blossom and also means Short lived, much as our life. Life is fragile and short lived, so let’s live life to the fullest.
Amen my friend, here’s to you and beautiful little Sakura.
sakura 13
sakura 17
sakura 10
sakura 09
sakura 08
sakura 18
sakura 02
sakura 12
sakura 06
sakura 05
sakura 03

More Club xB Love

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I am just so overwhelmed to see these on such fantastic rides! Special thanks to Cliff, EZ Baked Customs, Tony, Jeremiah, Joe, Joshua, and Eric!





Great ghost effect on Salsa Red!

Melissa sticker 3

Melissa sticker 2

Pinch Me

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This has surpassed my loftiest unrealistic goals so much it just doesn’t even seem real anymore. It feels real when I see Melissa and get to put a wad of cash in her hand, her reaction, her facial expression, but actually seeing the stickers on people’s cars…that’s unreal. For people like us our car is a part of us, and we’re a very visually oriented bunch. We put a lot of time, effort, money, blood , sweat and tears in making our cars an expression of oursleves, to see a Melissa sticker on someone’s car, I’m just completely blown away.