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Rat vs Phat : VW MKI

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This round pits the beloved and e-famous Death Bucket against it’s well turned out twin sitting hard on Ronal Turbos. I love The Bucket but I gotta go Phat on this one.








For Sale

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Lately I’ve been noticing how cars that were common or even unpopular when I was young just aren’t really around anymore and it’s had me thinking about what cars are candidates to be future rarities and classics. Which brings me to this 1982 2 door Jetta Coupe for sale on Vortex for $13,500. They weren’t uncommon back in the day, but not nearly as common as the 4 door version. More importantly they were just your basic commuter car and as such were not well cared for and generally viewed as disposable. 25 years later they are a rare sight and can be quite difficult to find in decent shape, so while the asking price may seem high for a car nobody cared about when new you would be very hard pressed to duplicate it on that budget. Is that the magic formula for future classic? I can think of quite a few older imports and Hondas that formula could apply to, or maybe I’m just rambling without really making a point. I do know you couldn’t walk into a new car dealership with $13,500 and buy something with this much presence and character.




The Perfect MKI ?

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VW MKI pick up

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and that’s the cleanest one of those you’ll see all day week month


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An old friend showed up at Import Alliance, this MKI GTI was my best friend’s first auto-x car back in like the early/mid 90s. He’s since gone on to win a few national championships, first in a white EF and last year in a black EK. I guess his old VW is still being campaigned by the current owner and it looks like it’s been extremely well kept, and still wearing the Magnum PI chopper stripe. Oh and Jason and Duke’s black EK will be THE car to watch in FSP this year at nationals! Team RealSpeed in the house and out for blood.


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Super clean MKI GTI

Those other hatches

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I’m still pissed off at my car so this weekend is all about the dubs


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