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February xB Special

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EDIT UPDATE FEB 5: Paypal has frozen my account because a raffle is considered “illegal gambling”, as of right now please DO NOT send money as it will violate an affadavit I had to e-sign. I know, it’s bull shit, I’m working on other solutions and will update when I come up with something.

EDIT UPDATE FEB 7: I spoke to nice phone rep at Paypal named Molly who was very sympathetic to the situation. THERE ARE NO MORE RAFFLES. But I am still allowed to sell the xB and bB stickers. 100% of the money from the stickers, not just the profits, go to helping with Melissa’s medical bills. As a special Thank You for buying a sticker or two and helping out, each month I will randomly select one person who purchased a sticker to receive a free gift for thier support. For February it’s a set of Scion Pro stainless window moldings for 1st gen xBs. Here’s how you can help out and order;
1. Log into Paypal and select “send money”
2. Send payment to
3. Send $5 for 1 sticker or $9 for 2 stickers, that includes free shipping anywhere.
4. In the “notes” section of your payment please indicate if you’d like the xB or bB sticker, or one of each, whatever the case may be
5. Hold your head high knowing you helped someone get the medical attention they desperately need, 100% of it goes to paying for Melissa’s treatment

Now dig on Dennis’ box rocking the sticker

Don’t forget we have plenty of Honda stickers still available as well

Rockin that Heart part deux

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Thank you Squirtis! I can’t even tell you how humbling it is when I see one of the hearts in the wild. I couldn’t have even dreamed a community as amazing as Club xB existed. For past gelleries of xBs wearing Melissa’s heart hit up the following links

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Gallery 4

Opus Maximus

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I can’t remember if I mentioned it here or just on Club xB, but I’ve been making a Christmas present for Melissa. I printed out the names of everyone who has contributed and all the pix I have of cars with her sticker on them, the plan was to do a collage and frame it, hopefully to remind her that she’s not facing all this alone, and partly for me, as a tribute to this amazing army of people who have played such a huge role in quite possibly saving her life. The collage idea just didn’t come together how I wanted so I ended up matting everything and I’ll get it in the frame tomorrow. The matting got pretty intricate and took forever but hopefully it came out decent, it looks better in person than my lousy pic of it, final dimensions to fit everything I wanted in it was 40×27. Billy from EZ Baked Customz tells me the incredible folks at Club xB have donated enough parts that the monthly prizes will continue through March! I’m speechless, and so humbled by the Scion community’s generosity. Stickers are $5ea, this month’s prize is a set of wheel spacers donated by Sakura and it looks like a set of ScionPro stainless steel window moldings from Digidizzle will be coming up soon so if you want to get in on the action be sure to hit up Club xB or EZ Baked Customz!


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Cars don’t make a community, it’s the people! HUGE thanks go out this week to Lisa, and to Cliff who is generously donating $5 from every sale of his custom wheel spacers. And especially Billy and everyone at EZ Baked Customz for donating the prize and raising $95 for The Melissa Project this month, is that amazing or what! Thank you to everyone who bought a sticker and congrats to our friend Dennis on winning! Some more stickers are going out to Dennis, Lenny, and Eddie tomorrow as well as AJ who is the first person so far to lose his stickers before getting to slap them on something lol. EZ Baked has a new forum they just started so be sure to get over there and register, and as always, please remember to support the shops who really do support the community and care about the people in it!

From the Archives

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This is a design I did probably a year ago, need opinions, would it make a worth while sticker for The Melissa Project? Yea, it’s a real low res version to try to keep it from getting knocked off.

Nick Representing

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You know I love wagons, this great looking Accord belongs to Nick who was cool enough to send me some pix and rep the Melissa Heart! Thanks Nick it really means a lot!

Pinch Me

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This has surpassed my loftiest unrealistic goals so much it just doesn’t even seem real anymore. It feels real when I see Melissa and get to put a wad of cash in her hand, her reaction, her facial expression, but actually seeing the stickers on people’s cars…that’s unreal. For people like us our car is a part of us, and we’re a very visually oriented bunch. We put a lot of time, effort, money, blood , sweat and tears in making our cars an expression of oursleves, to see a Melissa sticker on someone’s car, I’m just completely blown away.






Thank You Club xB!

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Contrary to popular belief, you do not meet the nicest people on a Harley, you meet them in Scions! I am absolutely astonished at the openess, kindness and generosity of Club xB and the Scion community. Just look what I saw on the front page of the best automotive forum on the net


Sometimes¬† you give someone a polite¬† passing “thank you” to blow them off,¬† sometimes you tell someone from the heart “thank you” to let them know how much you appreciate them….and then once in a great while you tell someone “thank you” and are left with this empty feeling because those simple words just don’t come close to expressing how you feel, no words ever could truly get across the gratitude and the blessing you experience from your interaction with that person. This thank you is definately the latter. Thank you to Club xB and the admins there, James, Cliff, Joe, Sakura, Casey, Sakada, Mati, Abel, Elias, Ton, AJ, Dustin, Viktor, Jose and the numerous others who have opened thier hearts to support The Melissa Project. Thanks to you not only is Melissa currently in alternating weeks of chemo and proton therapy but is able to remain optimistic and strong knowing she has this great army of caring people behind her. We are very close to breaking $600 so far, new batches of bB and xB stickers were made this week and that is HUGE! Mike was awesome enough to not only pick up a couple stickers but also forward me these great pix of them on both his and his wife’s boxes! This is my first time seeing the stickers in the wild, what an honor!

mike 01

mike 06

mike 08

Got pix of your stickers you want to share? I’d love to see them, click to submit!

And please, if Joe B. or Pedro J. reads this or you know them I need their shipping addresses!!!

YOU Made a Difference

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On September 22 I asked if you’d help me make a difference in someone’s life. And you have. Today thanks in no small part to your kindness and generosity Melissa made the necessary down payment to get her first chemotherapy session. We had made plans to spend some time together tonight but we had to cut it short because she is already feeling quite nautious from the treatment today, which is normal, but in the time we were together I can tell you she was in much better spirits, more optimistic, and less stressed than I have seen her in a while. YOU made this possible. Yoshitomo at Westhill Motorsports, James and the incredible crew at ClubxB, AZHT, 8thCivic, EZ Baked Customz, Team Velocity, Commuter Box, Duke, Karsten, Slappy, Sal, Dave @ Stance is Everything, EpicBeats, and all you other incredible people who have bought a sticker, take a moment today to think about the fact that you very well may have saved a life. This has also had the unexpected side effect of helping restore my faith in society, I hope you guys feel as good as I do about this. Weeks of chemotherapy twice a week are still to come followed by proton therapy, which I had never heard of before, but is a more effective treatment for chondrosarcoma and less harmful to surrounding healthy tissue than traditional radiation therapy. We’ve come a long way, but still have a long way to go and I’ll keep cutting stickers as long as they keep selling. On behalf of Melissa and myself thank you from the bottom of our hearts.