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February xB Special

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EDIT UPDATE FEB 5: Paypal has frozen my account because a raffle is considered “illegal gambling”, as of right now please DO NOT send money as it will violate an affadavit I had to e-sign. I know, it’s bull shit, I’m working on other solutions and will update when I come up with something.

EDIT UPDATE FEB 7: I spoke to nice phone rep at Paypal named Molly who was very sympathetic to the situation. THERE ARE NO MORE RAFFLES. But I am still allowed to sell the xB and bB stickers. 100% of the money from the stickers, not just the profits, go to helping with Melissa’s medical bills. As a special Thank You for buying a sticker or two and helping out, each month I will randomly select one person who purchased a sticker to receive a free gift for thier support. For February it’s a set of Scion Pro stainless window moldings for 1st gen xBs. Here’s how you can help out and order;
1. Log into Paypal and select “send money”
2. Send payment to
3. Send $5 for 1 sticker or $9 for 2 stickers, that includes free shipping anywhere.
4. In the “notes” section of your payment please indicate if you’d like the xB or bB sticker, or one of each, whatever the case may be
5. Hold your head high knowing you helped someone get the medical attention they desperately need, 100% of it goes to paying for Melissa’s treatment

Now dig on Dennis’ box rocking the sticker

Don’t forget we have plenty of Honda stickers still available as well

Wazzup Scion!

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After James‘ generous offer to donate to The Melissa Project, I went and had some xB stickers cut today. If you’re new to The Melissa Project the long version is right here. The short version is my dear friend Melissa has cancer, no insurance, and outrageous medical bills and 100% of the proceeds from these stickers (not just profits) goes to helping her with them. The xB stickers are just like the Honda ones, 4 inches by 4 inches die cut from red 3mil outdoor calendared vinyl and will look like this when applied


I’m picking up 20 xB ones Friday, let’s blow them out! $5ea shipped or 2 for $9 shipped. They won’t be all lumpy and low res like the sample below, that’s just my futile attempt to keep them from getting knocked off.

xb heart 1

Your support is so greatly appreciated I don’t really have the words to express it, it’s just a small dent in her bills, but an overwhelming and priceless boost to her spirit in this situation that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. As always you can send inquiries to or leave a comment and I will contact you.

Melissa Project Update October 5

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If this is your first visit to the site you can read about the Melissa Project right here. Basically I’ve been selling stickers to try and help raise money for my girl who has a particularly nasty form of cancer and no insurance.

I just wanted to take a moment to update you guys and thank you yet again for your generous and giving spirit, special shouts go out this week to, I just shipped a couple orders to members from there today, you guys have been so great and it is appreciated so much! Thanks to the orders received so far YOU have made it possible for Melissa to make the needed down payment to see the oncologist to get her biopsy, blood work, and full scan. Even though the results of the biopsy were quite bad, The Melissa Project has lifted her spirits and inspired such hope in her it’s absolutely priceless.

The Hatch Life bumper stickers arrived today and they came out better than expected. I have ones set aside for Slappy, Brian, Karsten and Duke, even if you guys don’t wish to donate I want to send you one for always being such great supporters of the site. That leaves 6 up for grabs @ $8ea shipped. Just like the Heart stickers 100% of that goes to Melissa’s medical bills. Leave a comment or hit me at



Lots of the Heart stickers left too, I just cut 30 more Honda “H” ones today, $5ea shipped or two for $9


Thank You!

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From the bottom of my heart guys, thank you for your generous support. Special thanks to Yoshitomo from Westhill Motorsports, Manny, Duke, Karsten, and Slappy. I have no idea why but Hatch Life gets about 2000 views a day, my goal was if just 1% bought a sticker, 20 orders, we could pay for just one doctor visit, or one prescription, and we could give Melissa the hope that’s so hard to come by right now and show her that she doesn’t have to go through this alone. Thanks to you we met that goal in just 2 days! That’s community, that’s family, that is what makes cars such a special hobby….the people! You’re the best and if there is ever anything I can do to for you just give me a shout.

There will be a permanent link to the sticker post in the Blog Roll over there titled Buy Stickers, and I will probably bring the original post back up to the top of the front page from time to time, not trying to ram it down your throats, just to keep the exposure going. I still have plenty left to sell, and in the future I think I’ll add a B16 and DC version, maybe even S13 and S14 if there’s interest. There was also a request for a Hatch Life sticker which blew my mind. There will be a very very limited initial run to test the waters, I sketched something up real quick tonight but they’re at least a week away yet. You guys are the best, thank you so very very much!

hatch life

Make a Difference

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There’s a girl near and dear to my heart named Melissa. She’s one of those rare people who feels the injustices of the world to her core and fights everyday to right them. She lights up any room she’s in, she’s smart, funny, tenacious, and has the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen. Last month she was diagnosed with cancer in one of her lower vertebrae, the tumor is pushing on her spinal column and generally making her life miserable. When her insurance company got wind of her diagnosis they straight dumped her and she is now uninsurable because it is a pre-existing condition. She is a single mother of two grade school aged kids and has no family to lean on. As you can imagine her medical bills are quickly becoming outrageous. To help her from now on I will be selling some stickers I came up with here on Hatch Life. I’ve already done an initial run of 50, they were professionally printed by Next Day Signs here in Columbus on 3mil outdoor calendared vinyl and are 4 inches by 4 inches. They will be $5 each shipped or 2 for $9 shipped in the US. 100% of the money -NOT JUST THE PROFITS- will go to Melissa’s medical bills, the production and mailing cost are out of my pocket.
For right now there are three designs to choose from as shown below, they are red and diecut so what is black in the sample images will be red and where there is white there will be no material when applied. If this takes off I’ll be adding more chassis and engine codes and other colors.


honda civic heart stickers

They are of course inspired by the classic Hakosuka Heart Skyline stickers.



I threw one on the red car so you can get a feel for them.

honda civic heart stickers 2

honda civic heart stickers 3

I’ve checked around at the usual shocker sticker places and as far as I can tell no one else offers anything quite like these and I pray to God no one knocks them off, I’m not promoting my lame blog or trying to cash in on some “JDM” trend, I’m trying to help give someone the miracle she needs and deserves. Part of me thinks this won’t make a dent, but all of me thinks I can not just do nothing. Any word of mouth advertising you can help me out with would be appreciated more than you know. If you are interested in helping a good cause or just want a new sticker to rock send all inquiries to the address below, Paypal, money orders, and checks are all good. Thank you