Well That Was Stupid

So like I posted the other day my hood was done and I planned to do a clear vinyl wrap on it to keep it from rusting. It was a solid plan, except for the part I didn’t think about. The bare metal gets really hot in the sun, and it gets down to around 45 at night, these heat cycles made the vinyl bubble up ever so slightly in the sun, and then when it cooled off condensation formed in the tiny little spaces left. Every cycle the bubbles would get bigger, it only took 3 days for it to look like complete shit. Sooooo tomorrow I’m taking it off, putting the stock one back on, removing the vinyl, touching up the paint and trying it again with a spray on clear. I wanted to avoid this because I just don’t see the clear sticking to bare metal, but the vinyl idea sucked. Here’s how bad it looked after 3 days. If I can just make it last one summer I’ll be happy.

4 Responses to “Well That Was Stupid”

  1. RyanKuan Says:

    Glad you’re back! I check back once a day!
    Hood looks good and hope the clear coat works out 🙂

  2. I like this hood, the look on the silver is great, and I am glad you want to keep it from rusting.

  3. Could you polish the metal to help prevent the rust?

    If not, the clear should stick to the metal, just be sure that it’s really clean and sanded properly.

  4. good look with the clear coat ive used uv proof epoxy on bare metal marine parts and its worked well fingers crossed you dont have to re do the whole thing

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