This one belongs to Cliff, and I really can’t say enough about what a remarkable guy he is. Besides being a life long car guy, having owned 60 vehicles in the last 20 years he has been a true blessing to The Melissa Project, donating $5 from each sale of his wheel spacers and camber shims (well deserved plug, hit him up!) and donating last month’s raffle prize, Cliff has been down since day one. Cliff’s dad is an old school hot rodder and was Cliff’s first introduction to hot rods, kustoms, and rat rods but oddly enough Cliff’s dad was the first in the family to buy an xB, and that’s when the xB bug bit Cliff hard. He bought one for himself and started out the way most of us do, bolt ons, lowering, wheels, clean aero and he turned out a great car.

But he still wasn’t happy, he wanted to go all in and, drawing inspiration from his hot rod and rat rod roots, make it truly his car. First up was a coat of blue

topped with a coat of chalk board paint

then the top coat was sanded through to reveal blue and white flames and patina giving it a great three dimensional, textural quality that just adding more paint on top would not achieve

his latest touch is a checker board panel to pay tribute to the original european rat rodders who brought the whole rat look style to newer cars and cemented it’s place in the community

Cliff would like to thank GothBox, Black Box, and ShortBus8 for the inspiration for his build, out of all those 60 cars this is the one he says he’ll be keeping in his stable for a very long time. I’d like to thank Cliff for being an inspiration to us all.

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  1. thanks for the write up Noah!

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