Aaron’s Black Box

It’s really starting to come together and is drivable now, for a car to ooze this much attitude before it’s even close to being completed is nothing short of epic. As far as I know this is the only chopped xB around and it’s cars like this that keep me excited about the whole car game, the blending of traditional hot rodding and kustomizing with newer cars, blurring the lines betweeen street rod and tuner. An amazing amount of skill and fabrication goes into something like this, even though it may seem as easy as cutting a couple inches out of the pillars, even on a car as upright and boxy as an xB it takes a huge amount of work and artistry to section and reform the roof contours. Not to mention the commitment and balls to just saw the whole roof off your car! That great hood ornament sells the whole theme so perfectly and the dual round headlights do such a good job of giving it an overall more retro feel, thanks for letting me share this one Aaron!

2 Responses to “Aaron’s Black Box”

  1. as far as a chopped xB, you should check out the one Mike Giant did for Scion. it’s pretty hot!

  2. haha, love the way your wrote that up bro!!! youll continue to get updates till shes done and built!!

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