Zach Wants More

Zach asked to see more of the “Mad Max” xB in my Hoods in the Hood post, and as you know customer service is job #1 here at Hatch Life. It’s actually owned by Black_Box and is currently undergoing a….wait for it….full chop top!

and getting chopped

and if you dig Black_Box maybe this one from shortbus 8 will interest you

and this one from GothBox

11 Responses to “Zach Wants More”

  1. haha..this is awsome!!! how can i keep you updated in person about the chop top?? im searching for a good size sun/moon roof for the xB right now.

  2. […] theres no turning back!!!! haha, awsomesauce!!! Zach Wants More Ekhatch’s Weblog btw..anyone know where i can get a sun/moon roof about 45 inchs wide… least 30-40+ […]

  3. ha ha nice, one of my boxes is on here.. it looks nothing like that now, i started repainting it, then changed my mind and striping it down again.

  4. thanks man…those are all so sick…i just love the dedication…i mean…those are all brand new vehicles…its not like a 96 hatch that you pick up without fenders or a hood and have to go to the junk yard to replace them…no these guys had perfect paint…and do to their dedication and love for what they do …they prime, sand, rust coat, chop, spray paint half ass graffiti(sorry about the halfass line..i grew up in graffiti so i am a little cynical) ratty roof racks, and i love every second of it…
    keep it up man…
    i love your blog.

    picks of my hatch soon…and i may have the 4door sold and may be buying a wagovan…
    wish me luck…hah


  6. can’t say that i can go for anything more than a rusted hood, but to each his own. except for donks.

  7. those are some nice unique boxes. well deserved homies. 🙂

  8. just picked up a trooper hatch for the xb….

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