Pinch Me

This has surpassed my loftiest unrealistic goals so much it just doesn’t even seem real anymore. It feels real when I see Melissa and get to put a wad of cash in her hand, her reaction, her facial expression, but actually seeing the stickers on people’s cars…that’s unreal. For people like us our car is a part of us, and we’re a very visually oriented bunch. We put a lot of time, effort, money, blood , sweat and tears in making our cars an expression of oursleves, to see a Melissa sticker on someone’s car, I’m just completely blown away.






3 Responses to “Pinch Me”

  1. Haha! Thank you man. I like the sticker enough to run it on my car. and im proud to have it there knowing what it stands for. Thanks for putting this all together and im glad i can help in the little bit that i did

  2. I ment to post this with my previous

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