Thank You Club xB!

Contrary to popular belief, you do not meet the nicest people on a Harley, you meet them in Scions! I am absolutely astonished at the openess, kindness and generosity of Club xB and the Scion community. Just look what I saw on the front page of the best automotive forum on the net


Sometimes  you give someone a polite  passing “thank you” to blow them off,  sometimes you tell someone from the heart “thank you” to let them know how much you appreciate them….and then once in a great while you tell someone “thank you” and are left with this empty feeling because those simple words just don’t come close to expressing how you feel, no words ever could truly get across the gratitude and the blessing you experience from your interaction with that person. This thank you is definately the latter. Thank you to Club xB and the admins there, James, Cliff, Joe, Sakura, Casey, Sakada, Mati, Abel, Elias, Ton, AJ, Dustin, Viktor, Jose and the numerous others who have opened thier hearts to support The Melissa Project. Thanks to you not only is Melissa currently in alternating weeks of chemo and proton therapy but is able to remain optimistic and strong knowing she has this great army of caring people behind her. We are very close to breaking $600 so far, new batches of bB and xB stickers were made this week and that is HUGE! Mike was awesome enough to not only pick up a couple stickers but also forward me these great pix of them on both his and his wife’s boxes! This is my first time seeing the stickers in the wild, what an honor!

mike 01

mike 06

mike 08

Got pix of your stickers you want to share? I’d love to see them, click to submit!

And please, if Joe B. or Pedro J. reads this or you know them I need their shipping addresses!!!

5 Responses to “Thank You Club xB!”

  1. Casey (help23) Says:

    Wow Noah that is really cool man… you didnt really need to say thanks you know. I am sure I can speak for others when I say we are glad we can help out. Take care bro and keep us updated

  2. Hi, sorry for the inconvenience I’m Pedro J. shipping is:

    *removed for privacy

    thank you.

  3. Thank you Pedro! Every purchase is very much appreciated and does more good than you can imagine! No inconvenience at all, just wanted to make sure you got your stickers 🙂

  4. you’re so very welcome glad we could all help out. im glad it caught on so well

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