Like it was Yesterday

Back in 1993 I still had my MKI Scirocco so I was naturally in my full on hardcore Scirocco phase (not that I still don’t love them today). Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet so the new car magazines hitting the stores was a big event, it was the only time you saw cars that didn’t belong to your friends. I remember one particular Scirocco that graced the cover of European Car magazine, it was like nothing I had seen before and it had a real impact on me, I’ve never forgotten it. It was much closer to a track car than street car which was hardcore at the time and had been painted in full Warhol BMW art car style. Absolutely crazy for back then. Imagine my surprise when that very Scirocco, looking nearly identical to how it looked back in the day turned up on Craigslist for $2500. What I wouldn’t give to bring it home. I emailed the seller over the weekend asking for more pix but was snubbed. I know I have the original magazine somewhere, in one of the countless unmarked boxes of old car mags in my storage, I just wish I could find the time to go through them.

scirocco art car

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